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Who is Ezilease?
Ezilease is a national retail financier
Ezilease is Australian owned and operated
We are underwritten by various funding lines allowing us to approve more
applications in less time.
What is Ezilease?
Operating Lease (Fixed Term Rental)
Available to ABN Holders or individuals
Some Key Features of Ezilease
Flexible finance term – 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 Months
Over the phone approvals – in 10 to 15 minutes
Quick and easy settlement – within 24 hours
Flexibility at End of Term
 Return the goods
 Upgrade
 Make an offer to own
Provides Benefits such as tax deductions and upgrades. (Independent tax
advice is recommended).
Sales Tool for your store to sell more.
Key Benefits of Ezilease
Customers can hold onto their cash or savings.
Businesses can conserve capital.
Tax deductions for business users*.
Off balance sheet expense for business*.
Enables customer to get what they want vs. what they can
afford right now.
Affordable monthly payment, budget over time.
Upgrade their product regularly.
Add on equipment over time.
Increases the amount of goods the customer can obtain.
* Independent tax advice recommended
 Repeat business through upgrades
 Maximise Gross Profit
 Control of the relationship with customer
 Recognition from Ezilease
 Increase Stock Turnover
 Generous Rebates – up to 4% of the invoice amount
 Repeat business, Improve long term business growth
 Maximise Gross Profit – Price at full RRP
 Bundling Opportunity – Increase average deal size
 Recognition from Store Manager/Ezilease
 Upsell to Better Suited Equipment
 Sell a Weekly Payment not a Price, no need for discounting.
 Increase customer contact through the term of the agreement
Example of Bundling
Which of the following do you think would be easier to sell?
Ride On
$35.71 pw
$2.38 pw
$2.73 pw
$1.48 pw
$2.97 pw
$0.60 pw
$45.87 pw
1. Use weekly pricing to add on equipment
2. Using this strategy will also help you up-sell the customer to other or
better quality goods
The above example is based on a 3 year term. If the term is extended the weekly amount
will be less. Rates are for indicative purposes only.
Who can apply?
Just about anyone can apply but there are some basic
18 Years of age or over
Australian Resident
Employed and/or able to show serviceability
The applicant will also have a greater chance of being
approved if they have a :
 Stable employment history
 Stable residential history
 Clear and established credit file.
Processing an application
Call 1300 394 532 with your store details
Provide Operator with invoice price, term and product details
Put customer on the phone - they will be asked a series of questions
Ezilease will process the transaction & provide the customer with an answer
The customer will be asked to put the sales person back on the phone
Ezilease will forward the approved documents to you via email or fax
Signing the contracts
Customer signs the following:
 Signature Page
 Identification Page
 Direct Debit Page – Includes ‘Delivery/Collection Confirmation’
The sales person will need to:
Check the customers ID – It is suggested that they also take a copy of their ID
Sign the witness signature boxes
Ensure the customer has completed & signed the documents
Record serial numbers
Send documents and invoice to Ezilease
Releasing the equipment
Complete paperwork and fax to 1800 673 356
Approval Centre checks that the documents are correct
Release note is sent to the store (store can call to check)
Receiving this guarantees the store will be paid promptly
Important Contacts
Customer Applications
Dealer Rebates
Call 1300 EZILEASE
(1300 394 532)
Email: [email protected]
In Store POS
New Dealer Registrations
EZILEASE Marketing Department
EZILEASE Applications
Email: [email protected]
Send completed dealer registration form to;
Fax: 02 9423 6924
Email: [email protected]
Assistance / Training
EZILEASE Operations Manager
John Chidiac
Mobile: 0439 491 353
Email: [email protected]
Demographic of an
Ezilease Customer
Who is a Ezilease Customer?
 Have to Budget their MONEY carefully
Family Holidays
Family Car
Recreational Activities
 What PRODUCTS could they get with Ezilease?
• Ride on mowers, Hedge trimmers, Blower Vacs, Tools
• Bikes, Quad bikes
• Golf clubs, Golf cars
• Sports equipment
• Computers/IT
• Cleaning equipment
• Sewing machines
Who is an Ezilease Customer?
 Require the items to run their business
• They understand the value of a higher priced product
• They see the items as tools of the trade
• They are easily converted to return customers
 Why would they choose Ezilease?
Easy to apply and get approval
Tax effective
Flexible end of term options
Upgrade options available
Save their cash & credit limits
They can walk out of the store with the items they want today
Tax Deductions
 Example of where Tax
Deductions may apply:
 Gardening business
 Other business
 Investment Property
 Home Office
Positioning of Ezilease
in the sale
1. Greeting the Customer
Attentive and welcoming approach
Build rapport
2. Establish a Customers Needs
Ask Questions and Listen to their response
Effective Questioning Techniques
So what are we looking for?
Hot Buttons
Specific Needs
Motivation for Buying
Decision Making Process
Positioning of Ezilease
in the sale
Types of Questions:
 Open ended questions (beginning)
Is a question that has multiple answers
Questions for information gathering
 Closed questions (middle and end)
Is a question that will deliver a specific answer.
Take Control of the Sale Using Information shared.
Benefits of Questions:
 Helps to:
Learn about the customer
Build a customer profile (don’t prejudge)
Build a total solution
Build Rapport
Understand their buying motivation
Understand what is important to them
Summarise responses to questions:
Displays that you have listened, taken an interest and understand their needs.
Positioning of Ezilease
in the sale
3. Presenting a Solution
 Match customers needs with products upon presenting a solution.
 For example:
 Specific Product Requirements suited to the End User, consider:
Type of Customer
Hobbies and Interests
Budget/Finance constraints
How long they have had their old product for.
 Build a total package (including main product, accessories and services)
 Explain the benefits of each product to the customers individual needs.
Positioning of Ezilease
in the sale
4. Overcoming Objections
 Understand the most common objections so that you can in turn
overcome these more successfully.
 Build confidence in your ability to overcome objections
 Demonstrate belief upon responding to the customer
 Examples of common objections and how to overcome these
Positioning of Ezilease
in the sale
5. Closing the Sale
 Ask customer if they would like to take home goods today.
 If a potential Ezilease customer, encourage the customer to
apply in store (control of sale).
Objection Handling
 It costs too much
 Take focus off ticketed price
 Explain the full benefit (total solution)
 Get what they need rather than what they could afford right now (cash).
 I could put it on my credit card
 Explain that this will use up some of the clients credit card limit
 Let them know that the repayments can be charged to their credit card each
month so that they do not have to pay for it all up front
 If the client is an ABN holder make sure that they understand that putting it on
their credit card will mean that they will not be able to get the same tax benefits.
 I want to Own it
Explain the flexibility of the rental and the end of term options.
Customer can make an offer at the end of term to own the goods.
Explain that they will also be given the option of upgrading the item.
Use examples of Foxtel, Internet Service etc to explain that they are paying for a
Objection Handling
 I want to pay it off early
 Advise they have the option to do so if they choose to however no
benefit as the contract is a fixed term.
 More advantageous to select a term that best suits their needs.
 What is the interest rate?
 Explain that it is a rental, not a loan, therefore there is no interest rate.
Show the customer how much the item is, how much they pay in total
over the term and what the difference is. Also let them know about the
‘Swap It’ option six months prior to end of term.
 They are paying for use of equipment (similar to renting a hire car).
 I want to depreciate it
 Explain the advantages of tax deductibility through rental.
Key Points Review
No cost to the store
Return business via the Ezilease ‘swap it’ (upgrade) option
Higher retained profit by selling more items at full RRP
More business by offering another payment method and capturing a wider
market section.
 Easier to sell a ‘payment’ over a full price and easier to increase the total
sale amount through bundling and incremental up selling
 Rebates to the dealer (or salesperson) increase the profit in every sale
Over the phone approval within 10 to 15 minutes
No deposit required
Up to 100% tax deductible when used for business purposes
Flexible end of term options (offer to own, return, upgrade)
1 to 5 year payment terms available
Choose your item, get approved, take it home without delay!
Why Ezilease?
Every customer is different.
Different Needs…. Different Financial Situations….
Different Reasons For Purchasing….
Ezilease is not intended for every customer who walks
through the doors but not having Ezilease means that the
customers who want to use this option will purchase
Our intention is to help your dealers get more business,
increase margins and actively drive return business.