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What is Poetry?

What is a Poem?

Where can you find poetry in every day life?

Music/song lyrics Television and magazine ads Books Newspapers Movies Others?


Two or more words that end with the same sound Ex: Slim Jim Note: In poetry, words that rhyme are often used at the end of a phrase, or sentence.


A repeating pattern of sounds and syllables Note: In poetry and music, a consistent number of syllables (or beats) are used to help create rhythm.


Words an author uses to help the reader visualize and imagine with the senses.

Ex: It was a brisk, autumn evening. The wind gently rustled the leaves on the ground, creating a symphony of sights and sounds.

Free Verse

○ Poem that does not rhyme


The repetition of vowel sounds Ex: A tree house, a free house, a secret you and me house. ~ Shel Silverstein


The repetition of similar consonant sounds Ex: shaggy straggly~ from

Love that Dog

Dizzy Lizzy zooms around the kitchen

Figures of Speech

○ Metaphor ○ Simile ○ Idiom ○ Personification ○ Onomatopoeia ○ Alliteration ○ Hyperbole