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Program commitee report
21st Annual Video and Multimedia
Review of Computational Geometry
at the 28th ACM Symposium on
Computational Geometry 2012
Reminder: Commitee
Helmut Alt – Freie Universität Berlin
Sándor Fekete – TU Braunschweig
Panos Giannopoulos – Universität Bayreuth
Xavier Goaoc – INRIA Nancy Grand Est
Rolf Klein – Universität Bonn
Christian Knauer (Chair) - Universität Bayreuth
Joseph S. B. Mitchell - SUNY Stony Brook
Bettina Speckmann - TU Eindhoven
Fabian Stehn - Universität Bayreuth
Alexander Wolff - Universität Würzburg
Reminder: Timeline / deadlines
February 27: Submissions due
March 8: Notification
March 28: Camera-ready abstracts due
April 26: Final versions of video due
• 6 submissions
• 66% acceptance rate
• Reasons for rejection
– „Out of scope“ (pure math)
– Quality issues
Modus operandi
Each PC member reviewed all submissions
PC chair collected the individual reviews
Reviews were distributed to the PC
Electronic discussion (1st week of March)
Extensive feedback for authors was provided
• Exceptional: One „conditional“ accept
– Authors were given the opportunity to revise their
• small number of submissions
– more „advertising“? how/where ...
– cancel the session?
• plan a revision loop from the beginning
(more important than for the paper track)
• call needs some clarification
(to avoid „out of scope“ cases)
• world of video formats has become a zoo
– enforce specific conditions on audio & video codecs?
Reminder: Accepted videos
• Configuration Space Visualization
(Dror Atariah; Günter Rote)
• Surface Patches from Unorganized Space Curves
(Fatemeh Abbasinejad; Pushkar Joshi; Nina Amenta)
• Lang's Universal Molecule Algorithm
(John C. Bowers; Ileana Streinu)
• The Sticky Geometry of the Cosmic Web
(Johan Hidding; Rien van de Weygaert; Gert Vegter;
Bernard J.T. Jones; Monique Teillaud)