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Vine Toolkit

A uniform access and portal solution to existing grid middleware services P.Dziubecki, T.Kuczynski, K.Kurowski, D.Szejnfeld, D.Tarnawczyk, M.Wolniewicz CGW 2009

Agenda  Typical approaches and solutions for HPC.

 Vine Toolkit as an environment for complex computational scenarios.

 BeInGrid wow2green project as an example instance of Vine Toolkit framework.

 Upcoming work – PL-Grid project.

 Conclusions.

CGW 2009

Current state of art  Grid middlewares: Globus Toolkit, gLite, Unicore, Gria, QosCosGrid...

 Security mechanisms: x509, Ldap...

 Additional tools: Schedulers, Metaschedulers, Workflow engines..

CGW 2009

Vine Toolkit environment Users / Community Scientific applications Portal Security mechanisms

Vine Toolkit

Workflows Grid middlewares CGW 2009 Computational resources

Vine Toolkit : features  A

modular and extensible

framework, Java/Flex based  integration with

different portal frameworks,

including well known web products like Gridsphere, Liferay,  advanced

BlazeDs data services

improve the client-server communication to develop highly interactive and dynamic web applications, CGW 2009

Vine Toolkit : features 

Adobe Flex/Flash

technology allows creating advanced and sophisticated web interfaces similar to many stand-alone GUIs,  uniform common API exposed to the end user which abstracts various middleware implementations,  generic

resource based model

- any services and data sources can be integrated with web applications using high-level APIs.

CGW 2009

Vine Toolkit architecture


( layout + portlets ) Flash ( Flex ), HTML, CSS, JSP Server: Apache Tomcat Portal: Liferay, Gridsphere etc.

Users, Authentication, Authorization, Layout management, CMS BlazeDs Vine Toolkit Bussiness logic, Integration with portal framework, Extensible API Plugins for different low-level, external services: - advanced database sources, - data management services, - web services, - HPC services CGW 2009

VT – workflow editor CGW 2009

VT – ClustalW application CGW 2009

VT – bundled components  User / Roles / Application managers administrative tools,  Login / Registration components plugin based with a support for i.e. Active Directory, MyProxy etc.

 Resource manager – configuration tool for the domain registry,  File browser component ( support for the internal Portal File System and various file system protocols ), CGW 2009

VT – bundled components  Job manager ( submission, monitoring ) generic component ( based on JSDL ),   Credential manager ( including MyProxy support ), Resource browser – information services client for GT4,  Workflow editor,  Set of example components demonstrating Vine's UI features.

CGW 2009

BeInGrid wow2green experiment CGW 2009

BeInGrid wow2green experiment CGW 2009

Flowify application CGW 2009

Flowify application CGW 2009

PL-Grid  Delivering a complete platform for creating/adapting grid-aware applications.

 Integration with Liferay.

 Upgrading existing plugins to meet users' needs and requirements:  glite with SRM, LFC and Cream CE support,  latest Uniore 6 distribution support.

CGW 2009

CGW 2009

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CGW 2009