George E. Wahlen Ogden Veterans’ Home VA Recognition Survey

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Transcript George E. Wahlen Ogden Veterans’ Home VA Recognition Survey

March 16-18, 2010
George E. Wahlen Ogden
Veterans’ Home
Second Veterans’ Home in Utah
Construction completed November 2009
Dedication November 19, 2009
First Veteran admitted January 26, 2010
21st Veteran admitted March 10, 2010
120 bed facility. Largest Veterans’ Home in State
 Four separate communities of 30 Veterans
 One 30 bed Memory Care Community
 Three 30 bed Skilled Nursing Care Communities
 All sleeping areas are private
 Some bathrooms are shared
George E. Wahlen Ogden
Veterans’ Home
 Administration of the Veterans’ Home Contracted to
Avalon Health Care
 Currently 126 employees (new jobs in the county)
 State Officer is the representative at the Home for
oversight and Veterans’ advocacy
 Census as of this morning 97
 Two Female Veterans
 86 Male Veterans
 Two spouse and veteran live in Home
 Seven surviving spouses
VA Recognition Survey Process
 SLVA Medical Center of Jurisdiction
 Three members covered administration and finance
 Finance completed on first day
 Ascellon Corporation
 Four members
Three nurses covered operations, dietary, nursing
Former Marine fire fighter covered life safety
 Worked very well together as a team and with the
Veterans’ Home staff
VA Recognition Survey Process
 Very professional approach
 Instructive not Destructive
 Very detailed
 Allowed for on-the-spot corrections
 Looked at every standard as a training opportunity
 Very patient in working through each issue
 This does not mean it was easy. You have to be
prepared and ready.
VA Recognition Survey Process
 158 Standards plus Life Safety Inspection
 All standards must be passed with “MET” status
 All Life Safety items must be met with no deficiencies
 Three Day Process
 0800 In-Brief
 1500 – 1700 Out-Brief
 Asked detailed questions of staff
 Allowed for on-the-spot corrections
 Eye Wash Stations
Had passed three previous surveys
Legitimate concern with hot water scalds
Worked with maintenance manager to install working
Human Resources
 Most stressful time was the preparation
 Heard that the survey was “Brutal”
 Worked with us to find solutions
 Great coaching and mentoring
 Extremely thorough
 Very knowledgeable in all areas of patient care
 Spent a great deal of time with the Veterans
 More interested in systems than dotted i’s and
crossed t’s
 Our systems were improved and we are providing
better care due to the survey
Medical Records
 Process went well
 It was the best survey I have ever experienced.
 Team was insightful, helpful and willing to work with
the staff
 It was a positive experience to work with them.
Life Safety
 Former Marine/Former fire fighter doing Life Safety –
Watch Out!
 In Reality – Very instructive and focused on the
Veterans’ safety
 Heavy on needing written logs to back up
inspections and maintenance
 One area that still is subjective from surveyor to
 SLVH inspection criteria were slightly different
Social Worker
 RAP notes were “Canned”
 Survey Team helped our understanding of how to
improve the RAP notes to make them more effective
 Very focused on training
 Good experience which has helped improve the care
to our Veterans
 Good learning experience
 We had systems in place and working well in
advance of the Survey Team arrival
 Staff did not “Fight” any areas
 Disagreements were allowed
 Worked together for solutions
 The Veterans’ Home staff and I were very
appreciative of the work done by the Survey Team
 “Oh By the Way, We Passed!”