VFW Veterans Advocacy Workshop

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Transcript VFW Veterans Advocacy Workshop

VFW Veterans Advocacy
Current Crisis
Access to Health Care
• Veterans off Waiting lists
– Timely, Quality health care
• Appointment Scheduling
– Culture of cover-up
– Functional scheduling IT system
Current Crisis
• VA must hold those responsible accountable
– Broken trust
– Illnesses going untreated
• Prosecute to the full extent of the law
• Restore confidence in the system
A System Worth Saving
VA Health Care System
• Provides care for unique health care needs
– Mental health
– Prosthetics
– War injuries and illnesses
• Veterans are generally satisfied with VA care
Update on Capitol Hill
Pass Legislation
• Access and Accountability Act
• National Defense Authorization Act
• Appropriations
Confirm New Secretary
• Senate must hold hearing and vote
Congressional Voting Accountability
Military Compensation and Retirement
Modernization Commission
• February 2015
November 2014 Election
• Open Posts to candidates and members
– Town hall meetings, debates, candidate forums
– Insist Veterans and military quality of life issues are
• Attend Candidate forums or town hall meetings
• Ask hard questions
– Where do you stand on military quality of life issues
– What are you doing/ or will you do to ensure veterans
are receiving timely, quality health care
What Makes a Good Advocate
• Understand the issues
– Where to get up-to-date information
• Action Corps Weekly, blog, testimony
– Not just your story
• Your story included in the big picture
• Share that information
– With Post, Auxiliary, family, other supporters
– Build a network of advocates
Good Advocate
• Engage with you members of Congress
– Receive and respond to Action Alerts
• Action alert numbers go here
– Contact district office staff
• They hear from constituents and work to solve local
– Keep your network informed
– Follow-up on Action Alerts
• Hold them accountable
• Let others know how they voted