All American Veterans Center

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All American Veterans Center Initiative

• Why did we do this?

We owe it to our Student Veterans – – They served us, now lets serve them to the best of our ability.

Let’s connect them to a strong network of support services, both within the school and outside (through VA, etc..).

– We must take care of them from the minute they walk in until after we set them up for success when they graduate.


• LF6Bs&

What needs to be done • • • • • • • • • • • #1 Certify education benefits Counsel/advise students on VA Education benefits Build relationships with faculty/staff on “VA issues” VA work study program Seek student advice on what they need/want Participate in community veteran themed meetings Certifying official / coordinator Connect local Veteran support to center (DAV, Legion, VFW) Outreach to community at job fairs/local businesses Fill in the gaps (resume writing, cover letter help, etc) Other- many veterans need more

All American Veterans Center

POW/MIA display

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Services provided inside center

New student orientation briefings Student computer/intro to blackboard course Certification of education benefits Counseling referrals-VA, Vet Center, Alliance Health, Give-an-hour, Google Veteran tutoring (on our turf) Peer counseling/SVA coordination/Fundraising Community service outreach (potential new students) Resume writing/dress for the interview/cvr ltr/NC works/”Mock” interview Job placement assistance (veteran specific) Networking devices in place/Jobs listing-full disclosure of services available SBC assistance for those wanting to start a business Computer lab, multiple study areas (group or individual) Coffee/tea/hot chocolate/popcorn/cable tv Other-writing can help, patriot outreach

Local items to consider • • • • • • • • • Success factors “1%” SVA/Home Depot $10K grant VA for VETs recruiter on board VA HR director on board VA center in Fayetteville on board VFW on board Paraglide on board Army National Guard ESO/Employment counselor on board Hero Mirror

Outside pre-coordination still in work • • • • • • VA VSOC (Veteran Success on Campus) counselor Scholarship/charity specific to veterans students Green Zone training Veteran specific ACA class Veterans Centers for all schools Veteran legacy project

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