Military & Veteran Affairs Update

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Transcript Military & Veteran Affairs Update

Office of Military and Veteran Affairs
Overview for
Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
LTC (ret) Andrew Griffin EdD
Overview for the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
Office of Military and Veteran Affairs was established March 2010:
- Currently serve (722): 671 with VA educational benefits and 51 with DOD TA
- Recently transitioned from EMSA to Academic Affairs
Service and support based on:
 (2012): AZ Senate Bill 1373, section 41-609: Arizona Veterans Supportive Campuses
 (2012): Executive Order 13607 -- Establishing Principles of Excellence for Educational
Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses, and Other Family Members
 (2013): President Obama’s “8 Keys to Success” in serving student veterans
 (2013) Department of Defense Voluntary Education Memorandum of Understanding
 American Council on Education (ACE) Toolkit for Veteran Friendly Institutions
Overview for the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
Other Key Components:
Yellow Ribbon Program
Military and Veteran Student Center
Chapter of the Student Veterans of America
Student Veteran Transition Course
Current Initiatives:
Supporting Scottsdale and Coconino Community Colleges in becoming AZ VSC certified
New Veteran Resource Center (VRC) for the Franke College of Business
Formal peer mentor certification program
Coconino County Veteran Court support through an academic internship for student vets
who are CJ majors
(5) Writing and research workshops through the Interdisciplinary Writing Program
(6) Education and training of leadership, faculty, staff, and student body regarding the student
veteran on our campuses
Overview for the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
Ten things you should know about today’s student veterans:
One of our greatest untapped resources, a highly diverse group
They can feel very uncomfortable on campus
They need and deserve our understanding, compassion, and respect
Combat trauma is an injury, not an illness (TBI/PTSD)
Not all have TBI/PTSD
They are often unaware of their own mild injury
They do not see themselves as victims
They often want to return to war
Female vets suffer deeply, almost always in silence
Three things you should never ask a vet