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Transcript Oztank Your Ultimate Cleaning Solution

Welcome to Power-Tank. We hope you will
find it as rewarding as we do. We are always
amazed at the reaction of new customers after
they have tried our Power-Tank soaktank
system. We know that you too will be equally
The Power-Tank system and the cleaning
chemical (Carb-Remover) have been deemed
“Food-safe” and will not pose a chemical safety
risk to consumers when used as directed as a
cleaning agent for food contact surfaces.
The System:
The Power-Tank is a specially designed stainless
steel, food grade, double skinned soak tank with a
thermostatically controlled heating element.
Carb-Remover is a specially formulated cleaning
powder for use in a Power-Tank.
Together they will remove fats, grease, oils and
carbon without causing any damage to the parent
Our aim is to manufacture and
supply products which make
cleaning both simple and safe.
Ever since man began cooking,
the build-up of fats and oils,
resulting in carbon has been a
The Power-Tank system was
developed after many years of
The solution is non-toxic, noncorrosive, environmentally
friendly and most of all user
The Sizes:
The Power-Tank system is available in three
standard sizes.
Special tank sizes can be made to suit customers
One application of Carb-Remover dissolved in
the tank and heated to operating temperature
will clean continuously for approximately 30
Cleans difficult items easily.
Reduces direct labour, chemicals, water and
electricity/gas costs.
Outweighs conventional cleaning methods.
Cleans extraction filters. Removes grease buildup inaccessible by other methods.
Clean filters work more efficiently, resulting in
less fats and oils in ducting system and therefore
longer life on extractor motor.
More Benefits:
Will clean pots, pans, bain marie inserts, heavy
duty cutting boards, serving dishes, oven racks,
deep fry baskets, cook tops, gas burners and rings,
cutlery, crockery, oven gloves and more.
Equipment and filters enjoy a longer life as they
are soaked clean as opposed to being physically
damaged by scraping and corrosion from using
harsh chemicals.
Baking Benefits:
Clean baking trays reduce waste as pieces of
carbon residual no longer exist.
Trays and straps cleaned as new reduce baking
time as the transfer of heat through clean
equipment is greatly reduced.
Longer life of equipment translates to greatly
reduced expenditure on replacement items.
The Power-Tank system works 24 hours a day, 365
days a year and is happy to do so .
Not Caustic – Gloves not needed
Baking Tins Example
After 12 Hours In
Bread Straps
Bread Straps-soaked over night
Roasting Pan
Baking/Baguette trays
Roasting Pan 4 hour soak
Grill Tops Overnight soak
Make PowerTank
Your Ultimate Cleaning Solution
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