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College Success
What’s it all about???
College Success
Why are you in South Texas College?
You’re here because you want to be
here, nobody made you do it!
You’re here because you want get
more education to get a good job and
have a successful life. In other words,
make more money than you would
with just a high school education.
Make no mistake about it, a
good life takes hard work. It
isn’t going to fall off a tree
like a ripe orange.
If you start college with the
attitude that you are going to
work to get the education you
want, you will do fine.
Just don’t give up!
What kind of work does it take?
First, attitude is everything! You’ve got
to motivate yourself to get up and get
going and stay going! And nobody else
can do it but you!
Next, you need to get your mind and
your brain to work with you. This
takes effort and willpower.
Grades and
numbers may be a
big deal in school,
but in the “real
world” they don’t
mean ZIP!
What’s really
important is learning
how to “think things
through” and then
applying that
thinking to do things
The Syllabus
A syllabus is an outline or
“guide-book” which tells
pretty much all you need
to know about a college
Even if you think it’s long
and a little boring, it’s a
really good idea to keep
checking with the syllabus
to see what’s going to
happen next, so you can
plan ahead…
So what are we going to do?
Self-Discovery: what
are “learning styles”?
Do you learn by seeing,
hearing or touching?
The more you know
about yourself, the
more you have to use
to make yourself a
better life…
Time Management:
getting a handle on
scheduling your time…
Do you procrastinate
or get it done right
Can you set deadlines
for yourself and stick
to them?
Do you plan ahead or
let things go to the
last minute?
What else will we work on?
Note-taking: if you
really want to
remember something:
And the more
organized your notes
are, the better you
can use them to get
ahead in your classes.
Dealing with “test
anxiety” – don’t let
tests get to you!
How to study and
prepare for tests…
Tips and strategies for
kicking “you-knowwhat” on tests.
Now we woRk oN the miNd…
Memory: is the
mental glue that holds
everything you learn &
know together.
The trick is to learn
how to control and
organize your memory
so that you remember
what is important and
necessary and forget
what isn’t.
Critical thinking: your brain
is a far better computer
than anything invented so
far by man.
But, like any other muscle
in your body, it needs to be
exercised to be strong.
That exercise is called
To know, comprehend,
apply, analyze, synthesize,
evaluate and organize are
all parts of the thinking
The Research Project
To research is to make a
thorough and extensive
investigation about a
In this class, you will do a
research project about what
it takes to succeed in
The best place to do
research is the STC library.
We will go to the library so
you can see how to use it.
Your research will involve
books, periodicals
(magazines & journals),
the Internet and personal
interviews to discover the
secrets of College Success.
Finally, you will publish the
findings from your
research in an essay and a
in-class presentation.
A Final Word: Choosing a Career
Choose a career in
something you really like
to do.
If you can get an
employer to pay to do
something you already
like to do, you are way
ahead of the game…