Job Shadow Day presentation for employers

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Transcript Job Shadow Day presentation for employers

Job Shadow Day is a national
project bringing employers
and jobseekers with
disabilities together for one
day to promote equal
employment opportunities.
Hundreds of
employers, of all
sizes, from across all
sectors, get involved
each year
Last Job Shadow
Day (April 24, 2013)
446 jobseekers from
across the country,
from all walks of life,
Supported employment agencies
Each year, supported
employment agencies and job
coaches all over Ireland work to
support the participating
employers and jobseekers and
make the day a success.
Since 2008, there
have been 2,165
Job Shadow Day
Why take part?
•Promote and encourage an inclusive
•Learn more about supported
employment for just one day
•Demonstrate your commitment to
equal employment opportunities
•Meet new people and have fun
•Get to know your local support services
•Access a pool of potential employees
Did you know….
People with disabilities in
Ireland have a potential
spending power of €3.3
Why not reach out to these
customers, their families and
friends by promoting your
business as fully inclusive
and accessible to all?
Your support breaks down barriers to the
workplace and shows that every
individual can, and has, a valuable
contribution to make at work.
I want to get involved…What’s next?
Simply register your
interest in taking part and
your local supported
employment service will
be in touch!
It can be helpful to appoint a
‘workplace coordinator’ to
oversee the planning for
Job Shadow Day.
Alternatively, many employers
take on this role themselves.
A job coach from your local
supported employment service will
work with your business to make the
Job Shadow Day a success.
Job Shadow Day 9th April 2014
Save the date!
Take part in this important
national day of awareness.
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (097) 82894
Job Shadow Day is supported by the following agencies: