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Job Shadow Dress Rehearsal
Path Ways to College and Career Readiness- Workshop 4
Our Dress Rehearsal Objectives
 To prepare you for your Job Shadow experience.
 To answer any questions that you have about Job
 To set you up for success in what could be a VERY
important step toward your future career.
Top Five Reasons to Job Shadow
5. It is fun!
4. You will get experience, and tips on how to pursue
your perspective career path.
3. A Job Shadow experience looks great on your college
application or resume.
2. You could make a strong business contact that could
help you as you pursue internships and a future job.
1. Your future Employment could come
from this day!
Why Would a Company Offer CPS a Job
Shadowing Opportunity?
 What are they looking for in you?
 What should you look for in a company?
 What is Job Shadowing?
Your Checklist Items
 Why did we have you bring the items on the check
 Did anybody have problems completing the
 What do you do with those items?
 Have you been checking your CPS email daily?
 You must check frequently between the Dress
Rehearsal and your Job Shadow Day.
The day of your Job Shadow
 Dress for success.
 Have a plan for how to get to your assigned
 Introduce yourself.
 Shake hands.
 Make eye contact.
 Ask questions, show interest.
How to Shake Hands
 Stand and approach the person with whom you are
shaking hands. If you are seated, stand up.
 Make eye contact. Eye contact is very important. If
you have difficulty making eye contact, focus your
gaze on the point between the eyebrows and the
protrusion of the nose.
 Reach out your right hand with your palm
perpendicular to the floor, and your thumb turned
towards the sky.
How to Shake Hands continued
Nestle your hand in the crook of the other person's hand. Do this by
bringing your fingers across the palm and then wrapping the fingers
around the bottom of the palm (so don't grab their fingers, and don't
grab their wrist), and allow your thumb to wrap over the top of the
Grasp the palm and lift your hand and lower it a few times (3-5) for
the shake. Do not pump the other person's hand by squeezing and
letting go of their palm several times. Do not vigorously shake or
limply shake. Remember to maintain eye contact and this is a very
appropriate time to introduce yourself or repeat your name.
Let go of the other person's hand and allow your hand to drop to
your side. Even if your hand is slimy or damp, do not wipe your hand
on your pants or shirt.
First Impression
 How long does it take to make a first impression?
 How long to change that impression?
Have Your Elevator Speech Ready
 When introducing yourself:
 Give your name,
 State what program you are in (“I am a Chicago
Public Schools, Career and Technical Education
 State your chosen career path (for example Culinary
 Tell them what school you attend,
 What year you are (Junior),
What Not to Wear
The short skirt/the tight suit
Unusual piercings, and, if you're a man, earrings
High heels (over 2”) , evening, casual wear, or snow boots
 Tattoos that are visible
 Fancy nails, unusual hairstyles,
or excessive makeup
 Earphones
 PDAs and cell phones
 Cigarettes and coffee
 The five o'clock shadow and heavy cologne/perfume
 If your host takes you out to lunch- do you order
Steak and Lobster?
 What do you do if your host company doesn’t give
you a lunch break because you are there from 9:00
to 1:00?
 What do you do if there is a lunch break provided
but they do not give you food?
What NOT to do with Down Time
Employer Evaluation Questions
(rated on a scale of 1-10)
I enjoyed the job shadow experience and would be willing to
do it again,
My student had good verbal communication skills,
My student showed ambition and initiative,
I felt that my CTE student had a strong sense of their goals,
I was at ease with my student,
If I had an opening for an entry level job I would consider
placing this student in that job,
I would recommend job shadowing to my co-workers.
Student Evaluation
 I learned how much education is needed for this
 I learned what skills are required to do this job,
 I enjoyed my Job Shadow experience,
 I would consider future internship or employment
opportunities with this company if they arose,
 I would recommend job shadowing to other
Your Future begins with this assignment
 Employer CPS relationship
 The power of the network
What Happens When…
 You don’t show up for your Job Shadow?
 You look bored or uninterested at your Job Shadow?
 You tell them that you didn’t want to be at their
 You tell them that you aren’t interested in the career
path that you are there to represent?
 When you arrive late?
In Conclusion-You have the Power:
 To be prepared: know who your Job Shadow Company is
and where they are located,
 To arrive early,
 To make a great first impression,
 To Listen, watch, observe, ask good questions and learn,
 To get your job shadow contact’s business card.
Your job shadow day can lead to great things, so set
yourself up for success!