Immigration In The ***U.S.A.***

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Transcript Immigration In The ***U.S.A.***

Immigration To The
A presentation by Mohammed „The El“ Rajab, Arthur
„White Russian“ Schmidt and Felix „The Bryan“ Rabe.
Statue of Liberty
***A nation of immigrants***
Once upon a time…
America was an open
country for workers from
- Workers were needed
because of the Industrial
- They had the possibility to
emigrate to America for free
or for low cost.
- They expected a land of
opportunity and personal
freedom (take a look at the picture
left from here. It‘s a symbol of freedom)
- Many jumped at the chance
to start a new life in America,
the wild, open country.
- But many of these cultures
were treated badly.
Reasons for immigration
“ Start a new life in America ! “ …
Most of these new immigrants came from poverty-stricken areas
and were fleeing from autocratic regimes and persecution..
Political Freedom
Religious Tolerance
Forced Immigration (Slavery)
Family Reunification
- Push (survive)
- Pull (new way of life)
Later in time…
• After World War II the immigration numbers RosE
because millions of people were left homeless.
Immigration Waves
Immigration till 1775:
Mainly settlers from Spain, England and France.
The century following 1820 can be divided into 3 great periods of immigration:
1820 - 1860:
1860 - 1890:
1890 - 1910:
Great Britain, Ireland and Western Germany.
The above countries continued to provide, as well as Scandinavian Nations.
The majority was Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Russia, up until World War 1.
1776 - 1849:
About 500.000 Germans immigrated to America.
Most of them escaped because of the failed Revolution in 1848.
1845 - 49:
Because of the famine 781,000 Irish fled their homeland
to escape poverty and death.
1830 - 90:
This "Era of Mass Immigration" was initially from northern and western
The 1830's was a surge of German immigrants.
In 1848, with the discovery of Gold, there was a spur of Chinese and Latin Americans.
Total number of immigrants in this wave is about 7.5 million.
Japanese immigration was limited.
Top Metropolitan Areas
New York City
Los Angeles
Washington DC.
Laws for immigrants
In 1882 Chinese immigration was banned. “ Undesirables “ were also
forbidden entry: Prostitutes , beggars, convicts, the mentally retarded,
revolutionaries, people with serious diseases and orphans.
In 1907 unskilled Japanese were excluded.
In 1917 a law required that adult immigrant should be able to
read and write.
In 1921, Congress passed a quota which severely affected the Asian
Russia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and
islands in the Pacific and Atlantic.
In 1924, the law was expanded to let in northern and western
Europeans and exclude almost everyone else.
In 1991 a new law was claimed. Main Item was increasing the amount
of immigrants. They wanted more highly skilled or educated
People, that were willing to settle permanently.
=> More profit in terms of industrial productivity and technological advance.
• The immigration Reform Act of 1986 allowed illegal
immigrants who had been living in the States since
before jan 1st 1982, to apply for amnesty which more
than 2 million people did.
Oath of Renunciation and Allegiance