The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

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Transcript The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch, and the
 What is the title of this book?
 Who is the author?
 Who are the main characters?
 Why do they go to live with the
 What do the children decide to do
when it rains?
 When Lucy walks into the
wardrobe, what happens?
Chapter 2
 Prepare a brief summary of today’s
reading. Remember to use the
elements of fiction (plot, setting,
character traits, character goals,
theme) to help aid you in
summarizing the reading.
Chapter 3
 Create a comic strip consisting of
three important scenes from
chapter 3. Write a brief
explanation of each.
Chapter 4
 1. Do you think the Queen is a
good or bad character? Explain
 2. Do you think she really wants to
make Edmund a prince? Why or
why not?
 3. Who does Lucy say that the
Queen of Narnia is? How did she
find this information?
Chapter 5
 What does Edmund tell the other
children about “Lucy’s country?”
 Why do you think he does this?
 How do you feel about Edmund?
Give four words that describe
Edmund’s personality.
 What does the Professor tell the
children about Lucy’s story? Does
he believe it? Why or why not?
Chapter 6
 How do the other children learn
that Edmund was in Narnia before?
 What happened to the Faun?
 How did the White Witch know
that the Faun had helped Lucy?
Chapter 7
 Whom do the children meet?
 Where do they go?
 Describe the setting in this chapter.
 Which character is your favorite so
far? Explain why.
Chapter 8
 1. What does Mr. Beaver say that
the Queen does to her captives?
 2. Who is Aslan?
 3. Why does the Witch hate
humans and want to capture them?
 4. What do you think Edmund is
doing with the Queen?
Chapter 9
 1. What does Edmund want?
 2. Does he want his
brothers/sisters to be hurt?
 3. What does Edmund do to the
stone statue of a lion? Why do you
think he does this?
 4. How does the Queen react to
Edmund’s visit?
Chapter 10
 1. Where do the Beavers and the
children want to get quickly, and
 2. The witch’s power begins to
crumble. How does Mr. Beaver
know this is happening?
Chapter 11
 What does Edmund want to eat? What
does the Witch give him to eat? How
does he feel
 How does Edmund start to change?
 Give four adjectives that describe the
 At the end of this chapter, there are signs
of spring. Why is this significant
Chapter 12
 Describe the 5 elements of fiction
for this novel. (Plot - short
summary, setting - where and when
the story takes place, theme-the
important message, character traits,
character goals)
Chapter 13
 Do Aslan and the children forgive
Edmund for his treachery? How
do you know?
 What are the rules of the high
magic regarding traitors? What is
supposed to happen to Edmund?
Chapter 14
 How do Lucy and Susan follow
 Why does Aslan allow himself to
be tied up and killed?
 How do you feel about what Aslan
Chapter 15
 Predict what will happen in the
next chapter (at least 3 sentences).
Chapter 16
 What does Aslan do to the statues?
 Describe the battle.
Chapter 17
 How does Edmund help?
 Do the children tell Edmund about Aslan’s
sacrifice? Why or why not? Do you think
they made the right decision about whether
or not to tell him?
 What do the children become in Narnia?
 Why does the author make the children
talk differently on pgs. 183-184?