The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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Transcript The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

By C.S. Lewis
Born in 1898 in Belfast,
Northern Ireland
Moved to England after
mother died of cancer
Attended Oxford University
where he later taught
English (also taught at
Best friend was J.R.R.
Wrote mainly religious
books and novels
The Lion, the Witch and the
Wardrobe was his first
children’s novel
He died in 1963
Lucy, Edmund, Susan
and Peter are sent
away from London to
stay with the old
Professor in the
country because of
the air raids (WWII)
The children explore
the house and Lucy
finds a wardrobe
(closet) which leads
to Narnia where she
meets Mr. Tumnus
Lucy goes to tea at Mr.
Tumnus’s house
Mr. Tumnus confesses
that he works for the
White Witch and he is
in the process of
kidnapping Lucy
Mr. Tumnus feels
horrible and helps Lucy
escape and get back to
“Spare Oom” in the city
of “War Drobe”
Lucy returns from Narnia
and none of her siblings
believe her story of visiting
Mr. Tumnus in Narnia
because when Susan and
Peter check the wardrobe it
is just a wardrobe
Peter, Susan, Edmund and
Lucy play hide and seek
Lucy and Edmund hide in
the wardrobe which once
again leads to Narnia
Edmund meets the White
Witch (aka “The Queen of
Narnia”) while he is looking
for Lucy
Edmund talks with the
White Witch about
humans (Daughters of
Eve and Sons of Adam)
She gives him enchanted
Turkish Delight which he
becomes addicted to
She promises him more
Turkish Delight and the
opportunity to become
Prince (and later King) of
Narnia if he secretly
brings his siblings to her
Edmund denies going to
Narnia, thus hurting Lucy’s
feelings and reputation for
telling the truth
Peter and Susan speak to
the Old Professor about
Lucy’s lies
The Old Professor tells
Peter and Susan to believe
in Lucy and the possibility
that Narnia exists
All four siblings hide in the
wardrobe in an attempt to
stay away from Mrs.
Macready and the guests
she is touring through the
All four Pevensie children
hide from the mean Mrs.
Macready in the wardrobe
and enter Narnia
They go to Mr. Tumnus’s
house only to find the cave
ransacked and Mr. Tumnus
They find a note saying Mr.
Tumnus has been arrested
and is awaiting trial for
They decide to rescue Mr.
A Red Robin leads the way
through the forest
The Red Robin leads
the Pevensie’s to Mr.
Beaver and then flies
The children have
dinner with Mr. and
Mrs. Beaver
Mr. Beaver tells the
story of Aslan and
discusses the prophecy
of Cair Paravel
Edmund goes missing
Peter, Susan, Lucy and
the Beavers discover
Edmund has gone off to
meet the White Witch and
they try to figure out how
much of their
conversation Edmund
heard before he left
The three Pevensie’s and
the Beaver’s prepare to
leave the dam before the
White Witch and Edmund
Edmund arrives at
the White Witch’s
The courtyard is
filled with stone
Edmund tells the
Witch what the
others are planning
and that they are
going to meet with
The Pevensie children
and the Beaver’s leave
the dam
They spend the night
hiding in a secret old
beaver cave
Father Christmas arrives
and gives the children
and the Beaver’s presents
(Peter = sword and
shield, Susan = bow and
arrows and a horn, Lucy
= a vial of magic healing
potion and a dagger)
The White Witch
and Edmund try to
beat the others to
the Stone Table
The snow is
melting, rivers are
running, the air is
warm, flowers are
blooming, birds are
chirping ~ Spring
has arrived!
Peter, Susan and
Lucy meet Aslan
Maugrim, the White
Witches Chief of
Police, tries to
attack Susan and
Peter kills him
Aslan knights Peter
(Sir Peter Wolf’sBane)
The White Witch plans to kill
Edmund on the Stone Table but
Aslan’s army rescues Edmund in
the nick of time
Deep Magic ~ The White Witch says
“Every traitor belongs to me as my
lawful prey and that for every
treachery I have a right to kill.”
The White Witch makes a claim on
Edmund’s life
“He knows that unless I have blood
as the Law says all Narnia will be
overturned and perish in fire and
Aslan and the White Witch walk
and talk alone
Aslan and the Witch make a deal ~
“I have settled the matter. She has
renounced the claim on your
brother’s blood.”
Lucy and Susan can’t sleep
They go outside and see
Aslan walking away into the
night ~ they follow him
Aslan goes to the Stone
Table to meet the White
In exchange for allowing
Edmund to live, the White
Witch kills Aslan on the
Stone Table (while Lucy and
Susan watch from their
hiding place in the bushes)
The White Witch and her
army go off in search of the
Pevensie children
Lucy and Susan come out of
their hiding place to mourn
The Stone Table breaks in
Aslan is resurrected because
“when a willing victim who
has committed no treachery
was killed in a traitor’s stead,
the Table would crack and
Death itself would start
working backward.”
Aslan breathes on the
statues in the White Witch’s
castle and they come back
to life
Lucy finds Mr. Tumnus and
Aslan breathes life back
into him
Rumblebuffin breaks down
the castle gates and Aslan
and his new army go to join
the battle already in
When the new army arrives
on the battlefield, Peter is
fighting the White Witch in
hand to hand combat
Aslan attacks the Witch
The battle ends with the
death of the White Witch
Edmund is gravely wounded
in the battle and knighted
on the battlefield by Aslan
Lucy uses her magic healing
potion to revive the injured
Aslan and his followers go
to Cair Paravel
Peter, Susan, Edmund and
Lucy are named Kings and
Queens of Narnia where
they reign for many years
before returning to the Old
Professor’s house through
the wardrobe in the spare
Lucy ~ youngest sibling. She
is the first to enter Narnia
Edmund ~ one year older
than Lucy. Second to enter
Narnia. Betrays his siblings
and sides with the White
Susan ~ second born. She
takes on the role of “mother”
while the children are staying
at the Old Professor’s house
in the country.
Peter ~ oldest child. Edmund
envies Peter for being the
eldest. Peter protects Lucy.
Aslan ~ the great lion. “He’s
the King. He’s the Lord of
the whole wood…” He has
returned to save Narnia from
the White Witch. Symbolizes
Jesus Christ.
The White Witch (Jadis) ~ part
Jinn part giant. She is NOT
human. She has placed a
spell on Narnia making it
always winter and never
Christmas. She turns
Narnian’s into stone when
they betray her. Symbolizes
all that is evil.
Maugrim ~ grey wolf.
Captain of the White Witch’s
secret police.
Mr. Tumnus ~ faun who
befriends Lucy on her first
visit to Narnia. He betrays
the White Witch when he
helps Lucy escape and the
White Witch turns him into
Mr. and Mrs. Beaver ~ friends
of Mr. Tumnus who help the
Pevensie children find Aslan.
Father Christmas ~ brings the
Pevensie children gifts to
help them fight and destroy
the White Witch and her evil