Lifestyle Diseases

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Transcript Lifestyle Diseases

Infectious and Lifestyle
Types of disease
Infectious disease- disease that are caused
by living organisms; they can be passed
from person to person.
Lifestyle Disease- Diseases that are made
likely by neglect of the body
Types of Infectious
Bacterial- single celled organisms that can
cause disease. Like warm, dark, moist,
and nutrient rich areas. (ex. Tetanus, Lyme
Virus- Genetic material that invade cells
and multiply. (cold, flu)
Pathogen- what cause the disease.
Host- the infected person
How they spread
 A pathogen must be present in a host
 The pathogen will leave the host through
water, air, or direct contact.
 It is passed to a new host who will either
be able to fight it off or will be infected.
 The cycle will then continue.
Protecting yourself
against Disease
Body’s Natural Defenses
Body’s membranes
Immune system
Developing immunity
How to Avoid disease
Airborne- cover your mouth, wash your
hands, etc
Food-borne illness- Keep hot food hot
(+140), keep cold food cold(-40). Keep the
kitchen clean.
Examples of
Lifestyle Diseases
 Diabetes
Type 1
Type 2
Heart Attack
Causes of Lifestyle