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Travel Agency “Gryphon”
Faster only with us
Our names are Dasha and Dasha.
We like listening to music and
working in our travel agency
“Gryphon”. We are very similar,
funny and nice. We know
English very well.
Our agents can offer you tours to
all parts of Britain. You can visit
different places in Britain. For
Pavilions Harry Potter film studio
Warner Bros
Museum Madame Tussauds
Royal Mews
Nikita Veter
My name is Nikita. I’m
Russian. I live in
Novosibirsk. I know
I’m 13 years old. I work in
the travel agency
We want you to visit
Wales. There you can see
very beautiful sights and
nature, know about their
customs and holidays.
I hope our agency can
help you to do right choice
and you can see a lot of
interesting places.
My name is Sviatoslav. I’m 12
years old. I like listening to
music, watching films. Our
travel agency offers tours to
UK. You can visit interesting
place Castle Eilean Donan,
Beachy Head, Warwick
Castle, Globe Theatre and
lots more.
Sitnikov Vanya
My name is Vanya. I’m 11
years old. I’m Russian. I like
working in our travel agency.
My hobbies are hockey,
football and my favourite
hobby is biathlon. You can
get to different parts of the
UK with our travel agents.
You can visit Tower of
London, the London Eye
and Stonehenge.
My name is Maxim Anikeev. I’m 13 years old. I like playing computer
games. I’m friendly, kind and funny. I live in Novosibirsk. My favourite
food is spaghetti. I know English very well. I work in the travel agency
“Gryphon”. Our travel agency offers tour to the United Kingdom of
Great Britain. We’re going to Lochness in Scotland.
Liza Pozhidaeva
My name is Liza and I work in
the travel agency “Gryphon”.
I am 12 years old. I live in
Novosibirsk, Russia.
I like reading and drawing. Our
company can show you
landmarks of Britain, for
example “The British
Museum”. It’s the biggest
museum in the world. There
are also a lot of another
interesting places and we
can help you to see them!
Ryzhkova Kristina
My name is Kristina. I’m 13 years old.
I like listening to music, drawing and, of course, I like travelling.
My travel agency offers you tours in United Kindom.
Agency “Gryphon” is one of the fastest and the most comfortable
places, where your dreams come true!
Angelina Liashenko
My name is Angelina. I’m 13
years old. I live in
Novosibirsk. I like listening
to music and reading.
I work in the travel agency
“Gryphon”, our company
offers trips to Britain.
Tower Bridge is one of the
main symbols of London.
You can visit it in any time if
you ask us for help!