PAF 101 - Syracuse University Project Advance

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Transcript PAF 101 - Syracuse University Project Advance

Goals and Approach of the
Mission of PAF 101 and the Policy
Studies Major
Do Well and
Do Good.
Meet Do-Gooders
Through Reading and discussing How You
Can Help, learn about
Mother Teresa
Benjamin Franklin
Ralph Nader
Nelson Mandela
Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America
Through high level local politicians and
leaders of non-profit agencies speaking in
Do Well
Skills and Character will
determine your career success
Knowledge, networks and degrees are
Develop Skills Employers Want
Work Ethic
Physical Skills
Working with People
Influencing People
Number Crunching
the Right Questions
What Employers from Your College
A College Degree and a Dollar Will
Get You Four Quarters
A College Degree + X = Satisfying
Rank List of What Employers Want
1. Communication skills
(verbal and written)
2. Honesty/integrity
3. Teamwork skills
(works well with others)
4. Interpersonal skills
(relates well to others)
5. Strong work ethic
6. Motivation/initiative
7. Flexibility/adaptability
8. Analytical skills
9. Computer Skills
10. Organizational Skills
11. Detail oriented
12. Leadership skills
13. Self-confidence
14. Friendly/outgoing personality
15. Well mannered/polite
16. Tactfulness
17. GPA (3.0 or better)
18. Creativity
19. Sense of humor
20. Entrepreneurial skills/risk-taker
Philosophy of PAF101
To hear is to forget
To see is to remember
To do is to learn
Learn by Doing
To learn by doing, you will be playing
three roles:
Doing Papers
PAF 101 as society & government
Member of _______ Community