What can you see in the adorable VARNA

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Transcript What can you see in the adorable VARNA

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• Varna is a
remarkable city. Of
course there are also
many sights which
are worth seеing:
museums, which
definitely have to be
visited .There are
tons of them so you
have to plan very well
how you will proceed
with the observation
.It would be best to
first check out what
exactly you are
looking for and what
to expect.
• The regional historic museum
Varna. It is still one
opportunity for you to touch in
the engrossing bulgarian
history. Another possibility
gets taste of the remarkable
bulgarian history is the
national museum in Varna it
offers precious and singular
exhibitions for exhibition
lovers and connoisseur The
historic museum in Varna
offers worthy and singular
expositions for judges and
fans, So that To be as well
you, to will go happy. He is
included in the big list of
hundred home .
The Naval museum
• The regional historic museum Varna was
lauded with its singular exhibition from the most
senior gold of the world. That fact is little known
unfortunately,, but you already know leastways
now on the other hand. This singular treasure is
found in 1972 near Varna. The antiquaries are
solid, Be nearly somewhere between 46004400 BC. It comprises headdresses and
anklets, largely forged or cast,. The gold bed is
in the trim between 13 and 23 karats and is its
weight of 6 kilogram the argument is away- this
is one of the most worthwhile .
The dolphinarium
The sea garden
The yacht port in Varna
The gem of the Bulgarian Black Sea is situated at the end of the big Varna
Bay, with a convenient and well conserved water area. The city's peculiar
sea charm is sublime and moving. Ancient, medieval, renaissance and
modern cultures mingle and coexist throughout the city. Varna lies on the
same latitude of the famous Atlantic resorts Bayonne and Biarritz in
France, on a large, flat and high terrace on the northwestern most curve
of the bay which juts some 7 km inland. During the holiday season, July
and August, the sunshine allows 10-11 hours of sunbathing. There is
nothing of the cold Baltic wind or the summer Riviera heat. The sea is
amazingly calm and free of dangerous tides.
Apart from being a beach resort, Varna rivals the great cities of Sofia and
Plovdiv, in its offering of cultural attractions and historical buildings,
museums and art galleries. It also provides access to some of the quieter
scenic spots along the coast, including the nature reserve of Kamchiya,
the royal palace of Balchik and the hillside monastery of Aladzha...
Varna is an 'around-the-year' holiday destination. Beyond the high Season
its balneotherapy facilities can help you unwind and enjoy the many
sights and sounds in peace.
• If you want to see more and feel the real
spirit of the Black see and the people in
Varna – Come and Visit Varna –The gem
of the Black see!!!