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Oakland EMA
Patricia La Brie Calloway, R.N., P.H.N.
Program Manager
Quality and Data Management Unit
Oakland EMA
City of Berkeley, Alameda and Contra
Costa Counties
Population: 2,464,668
Alameda County third most ethnically
diverse county in the U.S.
Epidemics of HIV among people of color,
substance users and women
Median household income $59,810
Quality Management
Participated in the Institute for Healthcare
Improvement Title I Collaborative
Reviewed HRSA QM Technical Assistance
Tools (HAB.HRSA.gov,
Reviewed other EMA QM materials
Developing the Quality
Management Plan
 Grantee QM staff
 Input from key stakeholders
 Approved by the CQI committee and Planning
 Approved by the Office of AIDS Director
Structure of QM plan
Mission statement
Goals and Objectives,2003-2005
 Develop a Quality Assurance Plan
 Enhance Continuous Quality Improvement
 Improve Data management
 Educate Planning Council, Providers and
Other Elements of the QM Plan
QM Activities
Staff turnover
Clarity on common language
Knowledge and Use of the Plan
Changing focus
Process to update the QM plan
Involve Consumers, Planning Council,
Providers, Other Titles, Senior Leaders;
Review comments from TA staff at HRSA;
Agree on common language;
Evaluate current activities;
Look for additional resources;
Keep the goals realistic!
 Collaborating with other jurisdictions,Title III
and Title IV
 Experts among us!
 QM site visits to all Title I and II agencies
 Developed QM language for RFP and Contracts
 Conducted Trainings for staff, providers and
 Discussing Indicators across the EMA
 Collecting baseline data
 CQI committee focus
Lessons Learned
Plan for 1 year only; Stay focused on the
Evaluate early
“Show Them The Data”
Get everyone involved
Use it ! Great work guide!
Next Steps!!!!
Update annually
Correlate with the Comprehensive Plan
Improve evaluation process
Provide opportunities for sharing
Focus on small projects for improvements
Next Steps
Planning Council-improve decision
making process
Program Monitors/Staff- administrative
improvement –(response time; QM tools)
Providers-track outcomes to asses service
delivery effectiveness
Contact information
Alameda County Public Health
Office of AIDS Administration
[email protected]
(510) 873-6503