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Duluth Healthcare Career Pathway


Cheryl Jost, Certified Nursing Assistant Jody Langseth, Adult Basic Education Rebecca Maul, Trained Medication Administration


SOAR Career Solutions, Lake Superior College, Job Service, Adult Basic Education, Duluth Workforce Development

Duluth fastTRAC History

Grants 2008: Incubator (Manufacturing)

• (plus NTAR/Pathways to Employment Support)

2009: Initial Health Careers Grant

• • • (partially completed)

2010-11: Integrated & Bridge Grant 2011-12: Adult Career Pathways Grant 2012-13: Gateway Grant


Duluth Pathways to Health Care Careers provides entry level certificates in healthcare education via Certified Nursing Assistant and Trained Medical Administration training.

CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT (CNA) 4 credit class that prepares students for basic entry level employment in a nursing home, hospital or other medical setting after passing the registry exam and is an introduction to the nursing sequence for students who choose to advance in a healthcare profession.

TRAINED MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION (TMA) 2 credit class that serves as a next step for CNA’s to advance in the profession and increase their wage earning capabilities. The course provides training for unlicensed personnel to administer basic medications in a variety of health care settings. Topics include legal requirements, safety measures, terminology, body systems, and the use of references related to the administration of medications.

GATEWAY PROGRAM A series of workshops focused on elements needed for success in a longer college Program (financing college, admissions, accuplacer, advising, etc) followed by a supported section of Psych 1135, Lifespan Development, a required course for many medical career programs. Offered to graduates of CNA/TMA courses from past and present cohorts. LEARNER AUDIENCE People with motivation and vision for a viable career but lacking education, academic performance and/or experience to navigate college processes, educational expectations and the rigors of being a student.

CAREER PATHWAY Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapy, Radiation Tech, Medical Assistant or Long-term care Administration.

• • • • • • • •


Cohorts 1 and 2 (July, 2011-March 2012) Bridge class enrollments: 89 enrolled/73 completed Integrated class: Integrated Completers: 54 enrolled 44 Program Completers: 44 (Those completing hours, passed finals, state CNA Exam or TMA final) Employed (new jobs) on Completion: Continuing in Intake Jobs on Completion: Total Employed: Number continuing in Education to Date: Average increase in income: 25 8 7 32 $5,663/year Academic growth: TABE: All students assessed pre-course with TABE.

 10% required brush-up prior to class (6 th grade math/8 th  reading, and 2 remained the same. grade reading) 8 students were post tested: 5 gained one level in reading, 1 gained two levels in Grades: Cohort 1 – B Average Cohort 2 – B+ Average Accuplacer: Only used in 1 st Cohort: 14 of 19 enrolled took it; 15 of 19 assessed would have needed a variety of developmental classes.

We’re ready for anything!


• • • • SUPPORT IS CRITICAL for teachers and learners Support from another teacher: ideas, flexibility, classroom management, specific teacher strengths, meeting students’ individual needs … Support for students: 2 teachers are better than 1 Support from the navigators: “life happens” even when you are in school. Having the CBO assisting with outside challenges makes a difference for student long-term success.

Pre-training activities: STEPS identified as important by students in focus group


(still learning)

• CBO as Project Manager  Independence/Flexibility  Complexity of Funding  Client’s Agenda not System’s Agenda  Designated Career Specialist for each student • Partnership Development and Innovation  DOL Grassroots Grants  DuluthWorks/CORP (Offender Reentry)  Duluth At Work  MJSP Low Income Worker Grants and other Trainings



• Joyce came to the program unsure of her skills and academic ability. She was reticent to participate in front of a group and reluctant to risk failure. • Contrary to her reservations and lack of confidence, we saw and felt only compassion and potential in her … she emanated warmth. We were fortunate that within weeks her warmth made her a positive and key student in our learning community. • Her spirit, awareness, capabilities, and her willingness to take risks to learn SOARED. She was the “den mother” and her natural leadership qualities blossomed as her confidence increased.


Employed after 3 years Unemployment: $0 to $19,506/yr. Living Situation: shelter to living independently Public Assistance: No longer on it Initial TABE: 4.5 Reading/5.6 Math up to 8 to enroll Motivation and Confidence: Out of Bounds!


Used more interactive teaching

• large/small group discussion • think, pair, share during lecture • small groups where they taught each other

Used more differentiated learning

• split groups by learning needs • worked with individuals that needed more assistance


Amy Westbrook, Program Director [email protected]

SOAR Career Solutions 205 W 2 nd Street, Suite 101 Duluth, MN 55802 (218) 722-3126