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Do Now:
• Identify and discuss what this image represents.
• One environmental and economical impact.
Turn and Talk
• You are the future leaders of tomorrow, with your table
come up with one method to prevent deforestation and/or
the dependence on wood.
Aim: How Should We Manage and
Sustain Forests?
Which three of these methods is the most important and why
Fig. 10-16, p. 230
Read A Loud
• Certifying Sustainably grown timber
Science Focus: Certifying Sustainably
Grown Timber
• Collins Pine
• Owns and manages protective timberland
• Forest Stewardship Council
Developed list of environmentally sound practices
Certifies timber and products
2009: 5% of world’s forest have certified to FSC
• Should governments provide tax breaks for sustainably
grown timber to encourage this practice?
Explain using evidence from the article to support your
Movie Clip: Smokey the Bear
• What message is this commercial sending?
Smokey the Bear Education Campaign
• US Forest Service
• Advantages:
- Saved lives
- Saved money in loss of trees, wildlife
and human structures.
• Disadvantages:
- convinced public all fires are bad
and should be put out.
- can lead to increase crown fires
Prescribed Fires
• Careful planning and monitoring
• set small contained surface fires to remove flammable
small trees and underbrush
Additional Fire Prevention
• Herds of goats in California
• Let it Burn Policy
We Can Reduce the Demand for
Harvested Trees
• Improve the efficiency of wood use
• 60% of U.S. wood use is wasted
• Identify three ways you waste wood.
• Make tree-free paper
Kenaf or hemp
More paper for pulp per area of land
Less pesticides
Less energy
Would you invest in a
kenaf plantation? Explain
Your answer in complete
Case Study: Deforestation and the
Fuelwood Crisis
• One half of world wood
harvest is for fuel
• Possible solutions
• Establish small plantations
of fast-growing fuelwood
trees and shrubs
• Burn wood more efficiently
• Solar or wind-generated
• Burn garden waste
Mangrove Forest in Haiti Chopped
Down for Fuelwood
Fig. 10-18, p. 232
Governments and Individuals Can Act
to Reduce Tropical Deforestation
• Reduce fuelwood demand
• Practice small-scale sustainable agriculture and
forestry in tropical forest
• Government protection
• Debt-for-nature swaps/conservation concessions
• Plant trees
• Buy certified lumber and wood products
Solutions: Sustaining Tropical Forests
Which three of these
Solutions do you think
Are the most
Important and why?
Fig. 10-19, p. 233
• If we fail to protect a much larger percentage of the
world’s remaining old growth forests and tropical
rain forests, describe three harmful effects that this
is likely to have on any children and grandchildren
you might have.