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1- Model the Electrical System 2- Improve Voltage Regulation / Protection Circuits.

5- Add Variable Throttle / Regenerative Brake Control.

3- Add Parallel-Series Ultra-Capacitor Switching Circuit.

4- Combine the Fragmented Control System.

6- Add a Clutch to the current Motor System .


The Members Jaeheung Park Jonathan Teske Colin Gordon Majed Alateeq

Design Specifications

• High Efficiency Over 50% total system efficiency • Relatively Low Cost Total Cost should be less than $750 • Light Weight Completed scooter should be under 20 lbs. net weight • Energy Storage and Release System must capture energy and store it in ultracapacitors provided by IVUS • Human Input Must have and intuitive human interface control system • Easy to Use Frame must be collapsible and must allow for use as a normal kick scooter Key Technologies Outrunner Ultracapacitors Brushless DC Motor Electronic Relays Electromechanical Clutch Atmel Microcontrollers The Sponsors Dr. Gregory Donohoe