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Interdisciplinary Studies
Towson University
Office: Linthicum Hall 108
Telephone: 410-704-2128
Fax: 410-704-6392
[email protected]
College of Liberal Arts New Building
Artist’s rendition of the new CLA Building. Phase I will open in the Fall 2009.
Interdisciplinary Studies will move in during Phase II in the Fall 2011.
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Design and create your own major!
IDIS is the only major enabling you to
combine disciplines to create a new major.
A few examples of current IDIS Thematic
Option programs designed by students and
their advisors:
Examples of Individually Designed Thematic Option
IDIS Majors:
•Special Education in Computer Studies
•Deaf Studies and Recreation
•Dance Management
•Visual Communications
•Industrial Design
•Arts Administration
•Science Writing
•Theatre Management
•Middle East Studies
•African American Studies
•Global Studies
The major requires a minimum of 45
upper-division units (300-400 level). All
45 units must be completed with a grade
equivalent of 2.00 or higher.
Up to 21 units may be transferred
toward completion of the major.
The Individually Designed Thematic
Option allows you to pursue a major
that is not available at Towson
University, but is offered at other
colleges and universities. This
program places special responsibilities
on the student:
First, the student must find the model
for the major she or he wishes to
pursue in the catalog of another
university. Then, the student must
determine that Towson University offers
the specific or equivalent courses
necessary to complete the major.
Second, the student must meet with the
Director of IDIS to ask for preliminary
approval of the proposed major.
Third, with the assistance of the Director
of IDIS, the student identifies a professor
with the necessary expertise who is willing
to serve as his or her major adviser.
Fourth, under the guidance of the major
adviser, the student must write a program
of study that includes a name/title for the
individually designed thematic option, a
description of its goals, and a list of
required and elective courses.
After formal approval by the faculty
adviser, the student, and the Director of
IDIS, the agreement is signed. This
constitutes the student’s major. We have
now created a new major tailored to your
career goals!
A template for the program of study is available on the IDIS website: Click on Individually Designed Thematic Option,
then click on “program of study”.
T.U. has an Intentional Advising Program
Students are given academic advising across
all four years.
Advising is designed to meet your needs at
different stages of your T.U. experience. From
the first year through graduation, each year
has a different focal point: transition, focus,
engagement, commencement.
IDIS advisers can help make your dreams into
American Studies Professor Tracey Miller
advises a student.
T.U. President Robert Caret
congratulates IDIS graduate at
IDIS Director Dr. James DiLisio
congratulates student at
Beth is pursuing her
dream career as a dolphin
trainer at the National
Aquarium in Baltimore,
Give us a call!
Consider a major in
Interdisciplinary Studies!
Contact Dr. James DiLisio
tel. 410 704 2128
[email protected]