TCEO Towson Course Evaluation Online Process

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Transcript TCEO Towson Course Evaluation Online Process

TCEO Towson Course Evaluation Online Process

• Based on feedback from faculty, chairs, and deans, the updated faculty dashboard shows information about the term and not about the individual administration periods. • The information includes: • Courses that will be evaluated within the term • Enrollment per course • Response rate • • • TCEO start date Remaining days before TCEO ends Reporting release date.

Instructor Name TCEO Start Date Term Enrollment, Response rate, and TCEO End date

 The updated system will generate three reports by default  Quantitative: summary of all Likert responses with mean and standard deviation    Qualitative: summary of all the comments Segment: compares mean and standard deviation versus a benchmarking segment of Program, Department, College, or Institution

Comparative data is generated based on term information and after the end of the semester

Quantitative Reports Percentages and N’s Mean and SD

Quatlitative Report Students’ Responses

• •


Blue your class Purple the comparative group or segment Generated at the end of the term Segments

Instructor Name Courses evaluated within the term Results per course and term

 Students will be presented with a TCEO home page after successful log in. They will be able to view all active, completed, upcoming, and closed evaluations within the term  If accessing this page on a mobile device, the page will render to the correct screen size without having to download an application or change the settings of the device.

Active Course Evaluations Completed, Upcoming, and Closed Evaluations If active, the status of their responses If complete, Edit option is available If the administration is closed or has not started, start or due date will show

Links:  Student Link:  Faculty link:  Administrators link:  Additional information will be found at the webpage:

 If you have any additional questions about TCEO updates or related issues, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to Luz Cáceda at [email protected]

or at 410-704-2331