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Information Technology
Nuts and Bolts
Presented by Susana Ponte
August 18, 2011
• Technology Department Personnel
• Forms and Internet Policy
• Security
• Contact Information
Technology Department
• IT Officer – Peter Santos
– Strategic planning, assist the schools in the development of a
School Technology Plan
• Network Operations Facilitator – Susana Ponte
– Oversee day to day operations of the network, support teams
within the technology department
• Help Desk - Cleora Francis-O’Connor
– One of our main resources that covers the help desk
• Technicians - David Curry, Rodney Wilson, Yomi Elemo, Julio Estrada,
Tony Vasquez, Efrain Osorio, John Disano
Technology Forms and Policy
• System Access Form, SAF
– Complete for all new employees or employee changes
– Used to request network access, Lawson and REG
• Software Installation Request Form, SIRF
– Complete and submit to the help desk with the proper
signatures for all software installations
– Must include associated license agreement and media
• Internet Acceptable Use Policy, IAUP
– Needs to be signed and returned by all students
Network Closets
– Should be locked at all times
– Hardware requires proper cooling
Login Credentials
– Never share user name or password
– Lock or log off of workstations when complete
– Only student passwords were reset this year
– Delete e-mail from unknown senders
– Do not send your network password via e-mail
Non-PPSD Equipment
– Do not connect any non-PPSD equipment to the PPSD network
– Contact the help desk for removal of broken equipment and donations
Technology Contact Information
• Helpdesk
• Email: [email protected]
• Phone: 456-9142
• Reg Support
• Email: [email protected]
• Phone 456-9141, 9140
• Lawson Support
• Email: [email protected]
• Phone: 456-9142
• Orders Team
• Email [email protected]