Dual Credit - Northwestern High School

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Transcript Dual Credit - Northwestern High School

Dual Credit


Courses offered at NHS

 English Composition 101  English Composition 102  Psychology 101  Criminal Justice 101 (SPHS)

Contents of Packet

 Information from USC about Dual Credit  Citizenship Status Verification Form  Lottery Tuition Assistance Instructions- for students taking more than 1 DC course in a semester. ( 3 forms)  South Carolina Residency Certification Form  Checklist for USCL  Financial Aid Information

Important Dates

 Online application MUST be complete by June 1 st . This includes the $10 fee. Payable online or by check to USCL.

 If your child is NOT taking two classes 1 st $285 is due to USCL by August 12 th semester, (letter will be mailed this summer to inform you of this).

What does my child need to turn in to NHS?

 Copy of a driver’s license (cannot be expired), birth certificate, visa, or passport  AFTER the online application is complete (including $10 fee) turn the following forms into E office 1.





USC Citizenship Status Verification (all students) 15-16 Dually Enrolled HS Student SC Lottery Tuition Assistance Waiver Lottery Tuition Assistance Program SC Residency Certification for Dependent Students (all students)

Online Application


Create an account Select “Dual Credit” for campus Select “USCL Dual Enrollment” for application type At the end complete” If ALL areas have a red check then click “application is Do not use internet explorer when completing this application. VIP # will be on your child’s acceptance letter.