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Welcome to the Class of 1964

Welcome to the Great Class of 1964 Bill Natter, Class President

Reunion Stats

856 Registered for the Reunion

462 Classmates (including Honorary Classmate Widows



and 9


Companies have the most classmates in attendance ….28!

Today’s Program

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Welcome to the 1964 Classmates and Guests Recognition of Class Volunteers Class of ‘64 Business Meeting 50 th

Class Gift Presentations Annual Fund

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A&SP Scholarship Program Integritas Project Thanks to Art Fisher, USNA ‘62 Closing Remarks

Reunion Committee

Stewart, Joe Bushnell, Scott Claassen, Steve Coward, Sandy Davies, Sam Farmer, Mike

Chairman Webmaster Video Project Golf Outing Registration Goodie Bags

Henry, Ken Maguire, Bernie Maitland, Jim Natter, Bill Newell, Bruce Phillips, Marty

Co-Social At Large Fooball Game Tickets Class President Tailgate Emeritus Tailgate

Fletcher, Paul Garrett, Waddy Gorman, John Green, Jay

Transportation Chairman Emeritus Class Project Co-Social

Thompson, Andy Tweel, John Wagner, Dave

Communications Asst. Communications Finance

These gentlemen along with spouses spent countless hours over the past 4+ years planning this weekend!

Thanks to our anonymous Classmate

The Class of 1964 Challenge Coin What a terrific addition to our goody bag!

Class Officers and Project Managers Natter, Bill Clow, Gordy Curly, Dick Henry, Ken Sargent, Bill Wagner, Dave Connolly, Dennis Garrett, Waddy Green. Jay Bushnell, Scott

Class President Executive VP Admin. VP Admin. VP Secretary Treasurer

Carson, Bill Caskey, Maurice Claassen, Steve Gorman, John Fulkerson, Grant Marquis, Roland

At Large/Class Gift Fundraiser Chair At Large

Michelini, Ray Stewart, Joe

At Large/Co. Rep Coordinator/ ALITC Coord

Tornberg, Dave

Web Site

Tweel, John

Tidewater Chap. Co-Rep San Diego Chap. Rep Web Site Class Gift Chair Newsletter Shipmate Tidewater Chap. Co-Rep Reunion Comm. Chair 64 Cares Chair Class Historian

Thank these folks when you see them this weekend.

Class of 1964 Class President Roster

Bob Sutton Tom Swartz Bob Sutton Jerry Anderson Bernie Maguire David Tuma Bill Natter Jay Green, Pres elect Nov 1960 – May 1964 Jun 1964 – Oct 1989 Nov 1989 – Oct 1994 Nov 1994 – Oct 1999 Nov 1999 – Oct 2004 Oct 2004 – Dec 2009 Jan 2010 – Dec 2014 Jan 2015 – Dec 2019 Countless hours spent to make this the BEST CLASS EVER!

Company Rep Communications Jay Green, Coordinator

1 2 3 4 8 9 5 6 7

Maitland, Jim Garcia, Tony Lipscomb, Dave Murphy, Andy Fenton, Paul Farmer, Mike Ahern, Dave Dau, Rick Treiber, Gale


Fitzgerald, John


Boyer, Phil


McManus, Paul


Neal, Joe Phillips, Marty Burke, Dick Mahan, Rick Fazekas, James Taylor, Tony Chumer, Mike Welch, Jerry Gates, Chuck Sisson, Hal Risseeuw, Hugh Heistand, Frank Cepek, Bob Kenslow, Mike


Wilde, Chuck


Tweel, John


Pignotti, Dennis


Block, Marty Lapham, Dave Terwilliger, Bruce Barnett, Tom Dunne, Jerry


Elsasser, Tom


Tolbert, Jim Schoenberger, Ed Baer, Tom


Thompson, Andy Heath, Charles


Collier, Art


Middleton, Ken Nichael, Bob Gould, Dave


Fulkerson, Grant


Fletcher, Paul


Curley, Dick Green, Jay Carey, Dave

NAVAL ACADEMY Alumni Association and Foundation Volunteers

Thanks to all who volunteered their time in service of the Alumni Association Foundation Regions and Chapters

Business Meeting Agenda

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Call to Order Recognize a Quorum Adoption of the Agenda Class President Election Treasurer’s Report Class Accomplishments besides Reunions Class Legacy New Communications Policy Close of Business Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Class of 1964 Operating Fund $48,789.31 $3,929.09 ($23,934.20

) 3,413.00 291.78 224.31 (16,592.05) (2,920.00) (2,019.67) (1,450.00) (434.40) (318.08) (150.00) (50.00)

January 1, 2010 Balance

Interest Royalties Event Surpluses

Total Income

ALITC CDR. Lanny King Award Fundraising Trip Tailgate Site Tailgate Tent Handling Memorial Service Board Meeting Room Class Website

Total Expenses $28,784.20 September 18 , 2014 Balance

Treasurer’s Report

Scholarship A&S Integritas Project


$443,494 $229,770 Loan From Ethic Center Fund


$40,251 $86,736 Ethics Book Ethics Center Loan to Integritas Project $200 $682,520 $0 $0

Balance $483,744

$316,506 ($115,000)

$201,506 $200

$682,520 $115,000

$797,520 $1,482,970 Total Fund Balance

RADM Charles Cochrane Kirkpatrick “Uncle Charlie”

“You CAN Do Anything you set your mind to do, and don’t you forget it!”

Besides Big Reunions…

• • • • • • • • •

Ethics Book for the Junior Officer Ethics Center Support Scholarships for Fallen Classmate children (26) USS CARNEY (DDG 64) Leadership Awards (18) Another Link in the Chain Program Home football game tailgaters Class Gift Project ‘64 Website ‘64 Stadium Battle Arch Bravo Zulu, classmates!

Thank you

Class Communications Policy

• •

Policy is on Class Website , Distributed to Classmates

Conforms to the NAF-USNAAA Policy, Standards for respectful comms Class communications resources … used to communicate class related matters to class members. Resources are:

  

’64 SHIPMATE columns Newsletter Class Website, directory of all class members, excluding the Class Forum

  

USNA Alumni Association distribution of US mail to all classmates List of attendees at the class luncheons in the DC area Company Rep process of disseminating information -- via the class company rep email system tree.

Company, Chapter communications governed separately by each NO Solicitation of Funds NO Political Views NO Disparaging Remarks

1964 Class Legacy Giving

Philanthropic Support to USNA since graduation: $8,469,812 Total giving of all classes = 18 th place Decade of the 60’s = 6 th place Current Class Project: $2.72M

Integritas Film Series: $1.43M

A&SP Scholarship Support: $628K USNA Annual Fund: $660K

1964 50


Class Project

Current Class Project

Goal: $1.964M

Raised: $2.72M

Integritas Film Series Goal: $1.14M


A&SP Scholarship Support Goal: $491K Raised:$628K USNA Annual Fund Goal: $333K Raised:$660K Integritas Update Needed to complete Spots 8, 9, 10 & 11 = $125,000 Needed to pay back Loan = $115,000 Total Needed = $240,000 Current Fund Status Cash Balance = $229,770 Outstanding Pledges = $86,736 Total Fund Balance = $316,506

Company Participation

100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%

Class Project Participation 9/11/2014 Company Company

1 2 7 8 9 3 4 5 6 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Total


54.3% 52.6% 33.3% 46.9% 47.1% 50.0% 58.3% 44.1% 48.6% 42.4% 50.0% 48.7% 52.6% 35.5% 74.1% 88.2% 44.1% 50.0% 55.3% 60.5% 56.8% 52.9% 51.6% 62.1% 52.4%

UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY FOUNDATION ATHLETIC & SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS Chairman Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch, ‘64 USN (Ret) Executive Director Captain Ed Wallace, ‘72 USN Ret) 250 Trustees…Formed in 1944 70 th Anniversary Celebration – May 2014



Prep School Program


Support USNA Physical Mission

PREP SCHOOL PROGRAM 50-60 candidates per year - 18 affiliated prep schools - Need-based financial aid (No cost to USNA) - 95% matriculation to USNA - 90% USNA graduation rate (Highest of all accession sources)

Class of 1964 Scholarship Support


Original goal exceeded by Class donations


Therefore several donors requested that their donations be transferred to Athletic Excellence fund ($149,625 )


A ‘64 Scholar will be recognized every year from now on.


UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY FOUNDATION ATHLETIC & SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS “Class of 1964 Scholars” 1/C Austin Branch – Blair Academy 2/C Andrew Pick – Kiski School 3/C Alex Kraus – Mercersburg Academy 4/C Joseph Jaime – Mercersburg Academy

UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY FOUNDATION ATHLETIC & SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS 1/C Austin Branch A Navy junior. Calls Coronado, CA home since he lived there longer than anywhere Graduate of Coronado High School 1 st team All-league his senior year in Football Attended Blair Academy in Blairstown, NJ under Foundation Scholarship Going Marine Ground this year after graduation 2/C Andrew Pick

(in attendance)

Graduate of Dowling Catholic High School in Des Moines, Iowa Staring fullback for State Championship FB team Eagle Scout Attended the Kiski School in Saltsburg, PA under Foundation sponsorship where he played football

UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY FOUNDATION ATHLETIC & SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS 3/C Alex Kraus Graduate of Mount Saint Joseph High School, Baltimore, MD National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society Played FB, LAX and Basketball, lettered in LAX Peer tutoring, Big Brother Received “John M. Plevyak Award” for Outstanding Christian Gentlemen Attended Mercersburg Academy in Mercersburg, PA under Foundation sponsorship 4/C Joseph Jaime

(in attendance)

Graduate of Tom C. Clark High School in San Antonio, TX National Honor Society, JROTC All American Swimmer – 200 Free in 2013 All District, All Regional and All State in Water Polo Attended Mercersburg Academy in Mercersburg, PA under Foundation sponsorship where he swam for their team


Developing Ethical Leaders

Integritas Film Project

Patrick Finnegan,

Creative Designer and Director

Kari Albert,


Website: …an innovative branding campaign, devoted to elevating an idea:

Personal Commitment to Honorable Choice


Arthur W. Fisher III,

USNA ‘62

Patent, Trademark Attorney, President & CEO Arthur W. Fisher III P.A.

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Become a member of the Alumni Assn…many benefits…only 64.9% are current members Shipmate Magazine and IPhone App Wavetops , USNA AA Website, Facebook

Special Thanks

Cindy Sheckells

for untiring and continuous support to the Class of 1964 Gini Natter, our Honorary Classmate Without whom I could not have served the Class

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