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Exploring the potential for communities to develop affordable housing through local trusts The need for community-led solutions Community Land Trusts

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Changing policy context

new ‘place shaping’ responsibilities of local government,

especially through:

Sustainable Community StrategiesLocal Development Frameworksnew performance framework for local government, delivered


Local Area Agreements Comprehensive Area Assessmentnew ‘duty to involve’ the public (April 2009)community and third sector engagementenhanced roles for elected councillorsneighbourhood managementcommunity empowerment (eg transfer of community


Placeshaping in Rural Communities

CLTs in their ‘place-shaping’ role are often seeking to undertake a degree of social engineering to:-

enable younger people to afford to stay in an area as

they move into employment and form new households.

enable people with limited ‘equity’ to stay in an area

which would otherwise be unaffordable.

provide a mix of housing tenures to increase overall

disposal income in an area to support local services

sustain a mixed community and hence support local

businesses, schools and other public services plus voluntary organisations located in the area.

What are Community Land Trusts

Not for profit organisations which allow the community and other stakeholders to take control of, and manage assets. Community Land Trusts are a flexible concept taking many different legal structures and forms, but they generally have a number of key principles in common. They are a way of acquiring land and property and holding them for the benefit of the community usually for the provision of affordable housing but also for affordable work space and the provision of community facilities and green spaces.

Ingredients for a successful rural CLT project Community entrepreneurs – lay-led leadership by local people who are committed to making a difference in their community.

Land availability – this includes exception sites,

commuted sums and the transfer of public assets.

Robust legal models to protect a trust’s assets in

perpetuity – there is a need to introduce specific legal frameworks for CLTs if they are to flourish.

Technical capacity – appropriate human capacity needs

to be identified and paid for.

Funding – resources will be required from the private,

public and voluntary sectors.

Delivering Affordable Housing

A typical rural CLT is currently about delivering intermediate market homes but sustainable communities are about more that affordable housing !

Intermediate market housing Social Housing £10,000 Rent to purchase models Equity purchase models Outright Sale £14,000 £18,000 £22,000 Levels of household income £26,000 £30,000

Buckland Newton Community Property Trust ARCO2 Drawing of homes in Buckland Newton, Dorset

CLT National Demonstration Programme to date

Appraised potential CLTs and held


Helped to support cross-party political


Proposed a legal definition for inclusion in

the Housing Regeneration Bill.

Sought to overcome the conflict between

CLTs and the provision of the Leasehold Reform Act.

Facilitated the practical involvement of

housing associations and development trusts.

Promoted the ongoing use of the CLT

website and portal

Reaching the market and achieving scale

Idea Experimentation (Innovation/Refinement) Early replication (Innovation/Refinement) Best practice Standardisation Infrastructure building Wide scale roll-out Scale

CLT National Demonstration Programme Key Issues

Better general understanding of how to use

and value the transfer of public assets

Recognition that privately owned land is

available for local housing schemes.

A CLT is a powerful localised tool in the

‘placeshaping’ agenda that can be initiated at a community/neighbourhood level.

CLTs are one of a number of brandsCLTs need a statutory definition to

encourage brand recognition by communities, funders, public sector gatekeepers

Clarify availability of public grant

St Minver CLT – People

St Minver Self-Build CLT