Exam CLT 1132

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Exam CLT 1132
Exam/examen CLT 1132
• The exam lasts three hours.
• You can answer in French or English (or
• It will cover the coursework on Ireland,
Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, Isle of
Man, includes the presentation on
• It will be based on the content of the
PowerPoint slides.
Exam/examen CLT 1132
• You will have FOUR questions to answer.
• The exam is initially marked out of 100%.
Therefore 25% for each question.
• There will be a choice of questions.
• There will be two parts.
• Part A=short answers.
• Part B=essay-type questions
Exam/examen CLT 1132
• There will be a choice of questions in both
Part A and Part B.
Exam/examen CLT 1132
• For each essay question you will be
expected to write at least one full page in
the exam book.
Exam/examen CLT 1132
You will be given an exam book to write in.
Write on each line (ie no double-spacing).
Write in ink, no pencils please.
Handwriting must be reasonably legible.