Transcript O.J Simpson

O.J Simpson Trial
By Kevin Gonzalez
I chose the trial of O. J. Simpson because I wanted
to know if he killed his ex wife and Ronald
How forensic anthropology played a part in the
• JUNE 13: 12:10 a.m.: Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend
Ronald Goldman found slashed to death outside her condo. Noon
- O.J. returns to Los Angeles, is handcuffed briefly then
undergoes 3 hours of questioning at police headquarters.
• JUNE 16: O.J. accompanies children Sydney and Justin to exwife's funeral; hundreds of friends and family attend Goldman's
• JUNE 17: O.J. charged with two counts of murder with special
circumstances. O.J. fails to surrender, leads police on 60-mile lowspeed pursuit across freeways from Orange County to his home. 9
p.m.: O.J. arrested, jailed without bail.
• AUG. 22: Court papers disclose that some DNA tests show O.J.'s
blood has same genetic makeup as samples from blood trail
leading from murder scene.
• JAN. 11: Jury sequestered in secret location; prosecutors release
documents accusing O.J. of long abusing Nicole.
• Oct. 30 O.J Simpson is found not guilty by the jury.
How did forensic anthropology play
a role in the O.J Simpson case?
Forensics found hairs from O.J Simpson found on
Ron Goldman's shirt.(
They found a left glove found at the house of the ex
wife and right glove found at Simpson’s residence
they are O.J Simpson gloves. (
Forensics match blood found in glove it is the same as
O.J Simpsons
O.J Simpsons limo driver confesses that when he
drove O.J Simpson to the airport he was all bloody.
• I learned that forensic anthropology found a lot
of evidence to put O.J Simpson in jai.
• Forensics anthropology found O.J Simpson’s
DNA on the victims.
• I learned that he wrote a book that he confessed