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Living Together
These resources can be used for
•Cross-curricular topic work involving
children’s different languages
•Language classes in the community
•MFL classes
See also resource sheet, scheme of work, and Village Life & City Life
powerpoint (links)
Community as a tree
(drawn by Sulaman Ahmed, Bengali school headteacher)
• Tree could represent a society
(eg UK, London) with roots
in different countries all
joining same trunk
• Branches could be different
communities – will bear fruit
if living in harmony
• Tree could be a school with
branches as pupils from
different backgrounds
• Tree could be a child with
roots in different countries
and languages
How are trees essential to life?
• Produce oxygen, take in carbon dioxide
• Provide shade and shelter for birds/animals
• Create fruit and seed for new trees….
Need to look after trees by planting seeds,
adding compost, watering and protecting
How can a school community grow and
develop like a tree?
• Zaid’s tree
representing roots of
his class and values for
school community
• Words are in Bengali
(transliterated) as well
as English
• Children can take their
trees home to discuss
with parents and
grandparents, and add
to the vocabulary in
different languages