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Transcript BPSD IE Deck Template - Institute of Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineering Primary Responsibilities
within the Service Industry
Institute of Industrial Engineering
Industry Advisory Board
Business Planning Industrial Engineering
August 21, 2006
Service Industry Example
To support strategic and partner on implementation of the dynamic business objectives to serve of our Customers,
Employee and Financial objectives for our company local community. From complexity and ambiguity, we apply analytical
rigor, generate decision-making clarity and offer innovative solutions that deliver improved Customer and Employee
experiences and sustained business results
Strategic Support
• Performa business case analysis (New product lines; locations, attractions, facilities, venues, etc.)
• Labor strategy and deployment
• Pricing strategy
Tactical Support
• Performance Initiatives -Balance scorecard, Analytically Based Workloads and Labor Standards, customer service
• Capacity Analysis - Attractions, venue, food service, entertainment, maintenance shops, laundry, etc.
• Partners in Change Management
• Operational Planning - Prioritization, conflict resolution, impact analysis, facilitation, special event integrated support
• Business Processes and Technology - Data analysis, technology implementation partners
Scope of Work
• Capacity/Demand Analysis – quantify Customer demand patterns to optimally plan required capacity to increase
• Measuring the Impact – measure significance of alternative operating concepts to improve business results
• Decision and Computer Simulation Modeling – create “real life” models by applying appropriate techniques to identify
logistical challenges that may exist prior to implementation of a product or service
• Process Design & Improvement – identify, define and redesign both management and work processes to implement
changes that will increase productivity, efficiency and Cast Member morale without affecting Customer service
• Operational Metric Collection – collect and quantify relevant aspects of the operation to drive effective decision making
and ensure data integrity
Service Industry Example
Line of Business Support
– Facilities / Maintenance / Infrastructure
– Administrative
– Business Systems and Technology
– Human Resources
– Event Planning
– Sales and Marketing
– Supply Chain Management
– Risk Management
Revenue Generating:
– Foods
– Merchandise
– Hotel – maybe use Resorts instead?
– Park Operations
– Cruise Lines
– Customer venues
– Parking
– Entertainment
– Security and Emergency Services
– Global Creative Planning / International Development
– Finance Planning