Transcript Document

Lesson Seventeen
Integrated Concepts
• Language Arts: fact and fantasy, setting, character, narrative
mythology, main idea and details, oral language
• Social Studies: land forms, North Carolina history
• Visual Art: realism, abstraction, simplification, space, color
Take a few minutes to look carefully at this painting.
What details did you notice?
Where do you think a setting like this might be found?
Can you point out evidence that this scene is real or imaginary?
How would you describe the characters in this painting?
Can you offer an explanation of why we only see the back
of their heads?
Can you imagine what event is happening in this painting?
Now take a few minutes to observe this painting very
Describe what you see in this painting.
What do you notice about color?
Where would we be likely to find a setting like this?
Can you point out evidence that this painting is about a real
place or a imaginary place?
Let’s compare and contrast these two paintings.
Notice color, space, subject, style and mood.
How are they alike?
How are they different?
If you used this painting as a setting for a story you
were writing, how would you begin your story?
What explanation could you offer for the boat on
the shore with no people anywhere in the scene?
What characters would you create for your story?
Would your story be fact or fantasy? Tell why.
How would you describe this setting in a story?
What are some words you could use to describe the
Would your story be fact or fantasy? Tell why.
Information about the art and the artists
Title: “Hatterask Lighthouse”
Title: “Centaurs in Landscape”
Artist/Dates: Jacques Busbee,
American, 1870-1947
Artist/Dates: Robert Broderson,
American, 1920-1992
Medium: oil on canvas
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 12” x 16”
Size: 40” x 44”
Date: 1908
Date: 1960-65
What else would you like to know about the art or the artists?
How can you find out?