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Janet Fish

Born 1938 Boston, MA • American Artist • Born into a family of artists • Mother – Sculptress • Father – Painter • Uncle – Wood Carver • Pursued Sculpture then turned to Painting in 1963

Fish is interested in painting light and a concept she has on occasion called "packaging." For instance, if she paints a jar of pickles, the jar becomes "packaging," and this can translate into a searching for the light that describes the jar, and a subsequent translation into color. -- Wikipedia


Two Jars Hot Pepper Pickles

Oil on Canvas 54-1/4” x 52-1/4” 1970



Pastel on Paper 1971

Photorealism is the genre of painting based on using the camera and photographs to gather information and then from this information creating a painting that appears photographic.


Bag of Bananas


Color (Hue): An Element of Art that is derived from reflected light.

Color Spectrum: light passing through a prism that is separated into bands of color.

Isaac Newton's diagram of an experiment on light with two prisms. From a letter to the Royal Society, 6th June 1672.

Color Wheel: a color spectrum bent into a circle.

Triad Color Scheme: Any 3 colors that are equally spaced apart on the Color Wheel.

Cool Color Triad: Violet, Blue, Green Warm Color Triad: Red, Orange, Yellow


Raspberries and Goldfish




Oil on Canvas 1999

Dyes: come from plants, animals and insects. They can be dissolved in water or other liquids and are used mostly to color fabrics.

Pigment: Finely ground colored powders that form paint when mixed with a binder. Primarily from minerals and metals. Do not dissolve like dyes.

Binder: Material that holds grains of pigment together to form paint.

Solvent: Liquid that controls the thickness or thinness of paint.

Mineral Spirits & Water


Spring Flowers, Orange Tray

Oil on Canvas 2007