Partnership in Practice - Working with Local Government

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Transcript Partnership in Practice - Working with Local Government

Partnership in Practice - Working
with Local Government
Kevin O’Leary, Director of Environment
and Regeneration
Sarah Price, Director of Public Health
Background about Islington
What has worked well
What hasn’t worked
Lessons learned
Going forward
Local Government in Islington
• Ambitious – most improved council
• Liberal Democrat controlled
• Partnership working well established in adult
services, beginning to work well in childrens’
services, leader is a non-exec of PCT
• One Islington – what the community wants and
needs is a driver for coming together and coterminosity is seen as the vehicle for this to
What has worked well
• Being part of the local authority team
• Adding the health dimension to general
discussion e.g. ASBOs, decent homes
standards, licensing, leisure strategy, green
travel plan
• Understanding where the benefits are to both
sides – CPA and health targets coming together
but more powerful in the longer term
• The development of trust
What has happened
• Health priorities for council – smoking, housing,
health of the workforce
• Departmental plans – E&R health section
• Scrutiny – stroke and childrens nutrition
• Smokefree Islington
• The Local Area Agreement
• Housing - overcrowding
What has not worked so well
• Different teams have different levels of
commitment to health issues
• Organisational barriers e.g. CPLNHS
• We don’t always have the same objectives
– Financial position, voluntary sector
• Timescales – it always takes longer than you
• Outcomes?
Lessons learned
• You can’t expect everyone to have the same level of
enthusiasm, but you need some champions
• You need some common points of reference
• You have to put the leg work in – but you can’t go to
• Relationships are important
• Politics with a big P
• The municipal timetable
• Clean streets and crime come top of the list
Lessons learned 2
• No ideal structure to make it work – councils are
thinking about what they should look like too
• Can’t be prescriptive
• What should the relationship be in the longer term?
Councils will not take on responsibility and
accountability without the funds to deliver
• Appetite for joined up service delivery e.g. LAA (now
and in the future)
• Your role is not the same as being a director in the
PCT but it is important to have a high profile leader
Going forward – why should you
do it?
• You won’t have the same impact on health
without the local authority
• Residents don’t understand why it doesn’t
all come together
• Without co-terminosity it would be almost