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Islington Detached
Targeted Youth Support and Youth Offending
Targeted Youth Support
Detached Youth Work:Our service
aims to work with young people who
may have difficulties engaging in
mainstream services, but who often
have a range of complex needs.
This service also includes the Y
Team, which operates two mobile
youth provisions that can be deployed
according to need.
What do we do?
We support young people between the
ages of 11-19 to address risky
behaviours including substance
misuse, crime and anti-social
We help remove barriers for young
people to engage in mainstream
services and provision
We help enable young people achieve
their potential and succeed in
education, training and employment
We carry out risk assessments to
safeguard individuals and ourselves
and to make sure that we perform our
duties in a safe manner
More of what we do
We make contact with young people in settings of
their choice
We assess the needs of the young people and
produce, implement and review support plans
We conduct one-to-one sessions and group work as
dictated by wishes or necessity
We provide detached youth work projects and offer
advice in informal settings on a range of issues such
as drug awareness, sexual health, job searches,
health, fitness, counselling
We collect, maintain, record relevant information and
keep it confidential
Our overall
aims are to reduce...
• First time entrants into the Criminal Justice System
• Anti-social behaviour and crime amongst young people
• Teenage Pregnancy and STI’s
• Young people Not in Education, Employment or
Training (NEET)
• Young people involved in drug and/or alcohol abuse
The Y Trucks
Part of our work centres around two fully kitted-out trucks that
can best be described as a mobile youth service on wheels.
Each truck has internet access, a mini kitchen for cooking
classes, a large flatscreen TV and drugs resources and
We go into neighbourhoods where there are young people who
may be involved in anti social behaviour and crime and advice
them on further education, healthy lifestyles and protecting
themselves against crime and drugs use
Our clearly visible presence helps reduce anti-social behaviour
and criminal activities
We help reinforce the fact that work is being done within the
We can easily be deployed to go where ever the hotspots
We become a point of contact for young people at risk
Street Work
We target hard to reach groups with great
Our flexibility and mobility makes it possible to
develop positive relationships with those young
people who are not using centre based
We help them recognise their value as
individuals, the power they have to influence
their situation and their future with our help and
taking advantages of the services at their
We are their advocate, signpost them to positive
activities and other organisations to keep them
off the street
We gather intelligence i.e. London riots, and can
share this information with other professionals
The street work feeds our individual day work
One to One Work
There are times when it is more appropriate to speak one to one about very
personal issues or when a young person struggles to cope in a group.
We create an environment where the young person can safely and voluntarily
discuss their feelings, problems, hopes, and things that are important to them
without the fear of being ‘judged’
We listen to them and at the very start we set out boundaries so that they
know exactly what can be kept confidential and what can’t.
We offer a supportive space for learning and for relationship developing to
take place
Unlike statutory agencies we are available when the young people need us
on their territory - not between 9-5 behind the desk in an office.
We support statutory agencies by being the vital link for those young people
who for instance don’t turn up for their appointment with the relevant agency
representative. We meet young people in the street, re-engage with them
We work with agency referrals, i.e. the BRONZE group
Not in Education
Employment or Training (NEET)
In our sessions on the Y Truck we provide individual
support to young people in their progression from NEET
to EET.
We offer support on CV writing, job application forms,
information on job/apprenticeship, personal issues,
individual and group information on drugs and alcohol,
sexual matters.
We utilise iPads in which all the Islington services
updated information is uploaded and give the young
people the option of applying for job/apprenticeships on
the spot
It is also an educational and curriculum resource to turn
learning into a ‘cooler’ activity
Outcomes: Increased self-esteem, self-confidence,
personal achievement, employment potential and by the
visual presence of the Y Truck we reassure the
community that work is being delivered to the young
Come Correct
Come Correct is part of the Londonwide free condom scheme for young
people under 21
The project is funded by the NHS and
co-ordinated by Brook London
We provide access to free condoms,
confidential advice and information on
sexual health issues
We identify the areas i.e. estates, parks
and on the streets where there is a
need for our service and we go and
distribute free condoms
Working with Dispersal Orders
Via community meetings we have had an input in working with partners to help discuss the
pros and cons of having a dispersal order in a particular area.
This particular order has the power to disperse groups of two or more individuals where
there is reasonable grounds for believing that their presence or behaviour has resulted or is
likely to result in a member of the public being harassed, intimidated or distressed.
We intervene on the following level
personal This order can give escort power to be used against any under-16.
community/cultural It stimulates multi-agency problem solving, fosters community
consultation, and the role of the community in supporting social cohesion. Residents feel
more confident about going out in the area.
policy/structural It complies with the local authority initiative to get partners and
community together. It complies with governmental initiative to reduce crime and disorder
CONS Where targeted at groups of youths, these orders can antagonise and alienate
young people who may feel unfairly stigmatised for being in public places. The problem is
shifted to other places, sometimes just for the duration of the order. It can offer a respite but
invariably fails to address the wider causes. It makes it difficult for us to keep track of where
the young people have moved to
Community Alcohol Partnership
Islington has the second highest
number of hospital admissions for
alcohol - specific conditions in under
18’s in London
A Community Alcohol Partnership
(CAP) has been set up in the
Caledonian Road area to tackle under
age drinking
The CAP brings together organisations
such as Islington Council, Schools,
Youth Services, Trading Standards,
Schools, Alcohol Services, Police,
Local Retailers
Detached Team
Youth Counselling Service
This free service is aimed at young people
between 11-19 or up to 25 if they have learning
difficulties or a disability.
We are based in various strategic locations.
Young people approach us or are referred by
schools/colleges, local Police, Victim Support
Unit, Drug & Alcohol Team, Gang Prevention,
We cover issues like: Bereavement, anger
management, self esteem & relationships issues,
bullying, sexual abuse, family/teachers/friends
conflict, anxiety, self-harm, criminal behaviour,
parental or own drug & alcohol abuse, risk of
exclusion from school.
We offer initial assessments, counselling
interventions and onward referrals, group work,
rapid response and crisis intervention to young
people and consultations to colleagues.
Links with other agencies
Islington Detached team (IDT) works closely with a range of agencies
to offer the best service
to young people and the local community
We work with
the Borough Intelligence Unit BIU, Bronze Panels,
Community Safety, Team Cally and Police/local Safer Neigbourhood Team’s SNT
We are able to use intelligence from a range of source’s to offer direct support
to young people and their immediate families
We are able to be advocates for young people, being a witness
to the best that they are able to do
Young people are often misunderstood and seen in a negitive light
We aim to represent them in a postive way, offering the sometimes unseen
positive side of their personalities
Current West Team
Monday 6 - 9 pm Bemerton Estate
Tuesday 5 - 8 pm Bemerton Estate
Wednesday - Work with Individuals
Friday 5 - 8 pm Paradise Park
Truck at Bemerton
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For further information
on the Islington Detached Team
Please contact
The Detached Youth Work Manager
Christine Kyriacou
Targeted Youth Support and Youth Offending
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