The Different Purposes of Texts.

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Transcript The Different Purposes of Texts.

The different purposes
of text
September 2011. Kindly contributed by Kate Lindley.
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Functional English coverage and range
L1. Identify the main points and ideas and how they are presented in a variety of texts
L2. Identify the purposes of texts and comment on how meaning is conveyed
SfL Adult literacy
Rt/L1.2 Recognise how language and other textual features are used to achieve different purposes
(e.g. to instruct, explain, describe, persuade)
Rt/L2.2 Identify the purpose of a text and infer meaning which is not explicit
References: Excellence Gateway (2009), Skills for Life, Core Curriculum
Ofqual (2009), Functional Skills criteria for English, Mathematics and ICT
The Different Purposes of Texts
What is a text?
‘The words of something written’
‘The main body of a written work’
Fancy a holiday with a difference? Come and experience a most
unusual holiday at Ghostly Manor. Nothing could be more
This sixteenth-century manor is teeming with the oldest and
most respected ghosts in the country. Come and see for yourself.
Open throughout the coldest months of the year, we offer
special weekend haunts for the more daring holiday maker. We
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creaking doors, the creepiest looking portraits and custom-built
cobwebs. All designed so you’ll have the worst night’s sleep of
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1. Remove outer packaging. Pierce film lid
several times on both compartments.
2. Place on a baking tray in the centre of a preheated oven for 25-30 minutes.
3. Stand for 1 minute. Stir before serving.
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Seasonal flu is a highly infectious
respiratory illness caused by a flu virus. It
spreads rapidly through the coughs and
sneezes of infected people.
Seasonal flu immunisation, or the flu jab, is
the injection of a vaccine against flu. It
gives good protection from flu that lasts for
one year
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Robert Langdon awoke slowly.
A telephone was ringing in the darkness--a tinny,
unfamiliar ring. He fumbled for the bedside lamp and
turned it on. Squinting at his surroundings he saw a
plush Renaissance bedroom with Louis XVI furniture,
hand-frescoed walls, and a colossal mahogany fourposter bed.
Where the hell am I?
The jacquard bathrobe hanging on his bedpost bore
the monogram:
Slowly, the fog began to lift.
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4 main purposes
• To persuade
• To instruct
• To inform
• To describe
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