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Wellness in the workplace the business benefit
Julie Routledge
Occupational Health Manager
For Perkins
BiTC 6 March Wyboston Lakes, St Ives
Work4wellness Strategy
This strategy aims to promote a holistic approach to health and wellbeing at Perkins by:
Focusing on the link between health promotion and the determinants of health;
Emphasising the role of collaborative approaches in the planning, implementation and
evaluation of health promotion initiatives
Outlining the context within which health promotion is currently taking place
Providing a rationale for the further development of health promotion to help
maintain, improve and protect health
Referring to information and data on socio-economic and environmental factors,
lifestyle behaviours and health status
Proposing strategic aims and objectives for health promotion over a three year plan
Identifying the prerequisites needed at a national and regional level to support and
sustain health
Activities 2012 - 2014
Annual Health Fayre*
Cardiac Health Initiative*
Stress Management
Hand Safety awareness
* Supported by NHS Live Healthy Team
Cardiac Health Initiative
2 day health initiative
122 employees attended
100 randomly selected for study
Study consisted of
Blood Pressure
Waist Measurement
Cardiac Health Initiative results
• 15% of employees were identified with High Blood
• 39% Are in an ‘at risk’ group for developing high blood
• 64% of workforce are overweight
• 22% of the workforce are Obese and high risk of
significant health effect
• 36% do not think they are a healthy weight
• 24% of employees undertake no exercise
– 37% of these perceive their role provides physical activity
80% of employees do not eat ‘5 a day’
Business Benefits
• Stress Management
– Pilot study group – no further WRS cases referred
to OH
– Now rolled out to 4 other departments
• Cardiac Health Initiative
– Demographics to support further Health
– Improved awareness and prevention
Business Benefits
• Improved productivity
• Decreased sickness absence
• Increased engagement and great place to work
• Challenges – How do you measure wellness??
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