Math Module II Review - Art Jeopardy

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Transcript Math Module II Review - Art Jeopardy

ART Jeopardy:
Jeopardy Review Game
Tools and
And styles
This term refers to colors found opposite on the
color wheel and have the greatest degree of
contrast (red/green)
What is complementary?
Colors that make you feel cool and appear to
recede in space (blue, green, violet)
What are cool colors?
A color found on the color wheel.
What is a hue?
The brightness or dullness of a color.
What is intensity?
Black, white, gray and browns
What are neutral colors?
Artistic work that is based on real people, places
and things but do not look like real people,
places and things. This style emphasizes colors.
lines, geometric shapes and forms.
What is abstract art?
People who create art using styles that have
been handed down through generations. Artists
that create using things from nature.
Who are folk artists?
Utilitarian art, functional objects such as dishes
and clothes; often these objects are highly
decorated and show expert craftsmanship.
What is Functional Art?
This shoes the effects of light and atmospheric
conditions of an artist’s work that spontaneously
captures a moment in time.
What is impressionistic?
This type of art work attempts a photographic
likeness of the subject matter.
What is realistic?
When one side of a piece of artwork doesn’t
appear heavier than the other side.
What is balance?
Combining art elements to stress the difference
between the elements. Example, bright colors
with some dull colors.
What is contrast?
The part of the art piece that is noticed first.
What is dominance?
Repetition of shapes, lines and colors.
What is pattern?
Refers to the quality of wholeness or oneness
that is achieved through the effective use of the
elements and principle of design.
What is unity?
The process of reproducing images on a flat
surface. Some types of this are relief block
(linoleum, wood), intaglio (etching, engraving)
and stencil (silkscreen)
What is printmaking?
The use of white to lighten a color.
What are tints?
A simple, quick drawing done to catch the chief
features and a general impression.
What is a sketch?
The use of black to darken a color.
What is shades?
This is a sculpture medium that uses paper and
rags dipped in wheat paste over a form.
What is paper-mache?
This is a person who creates works of art.
What is an artist?
These are sometimes known as color families or
relationships- grouping of colors that have
certain similarities or differences.
What are color groups?
The application of paint with a paintbrush.
What is a brushstroke?
The main idea or object in an artwork.
What is the focal point or emphasis or center of
A work of art that has height and width.
What is two dimensional?
A scene, usually smaller than in
real life, in which 3-D models are
displayed against a realistic
painted background
What is a