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HEALTH AND SAFETY AT HOME POLICY Why do we have this Policy?

In order to make sure our properties are kept in a safe condition it is important that we perform certain checks on your home.

This policy sets out our health and safety responsibilities as a landlord and what you are required to do as part of your tenancy agreement. This policy does not apply to our sheltered housing properties.

What we will do to make sure your home is Gas safe.

We will: 1.





Make sure that a ‘Gas Safety registered Engineer’ checks the gas appliances of your home once a year.

Check the gas appliances on each change of tenancy, regardless of the last date of service.

Attempt to make any necessary repairs immediately.

Where this is not possible, the engineer will work to resolve the problem quickly.

Monitor the performance of contractors used to undertake Gas safety checks by randomly sampling their work.

Take action if a customer refuses access to their home for a Gas safety check. If the customer fails to respond to requests for access, we may take legal action and recharge all the costs to you.

You must: 6.


Allow engineers access to your home to perform a gas safety check, you have an obligation to under your tenancy agreement.

Use gas safely. If you smell gas call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

How we will keep your home safe from Asbestos.

We will: 8.




Notify customers, where known, of the presence of asbestos in their home and provide information and advice on how to deal with it.

Maintain an up to date record of asbestos in properties that we own and manage by surveying 10% of our stock a year.

Include the removal of asbestos within our Planned Maintenance work so as to remove all asbestos in our properties over time.

Inspect 10% of properties where Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) are present to ensure that the condition has not changed since they were last checked.

You must: 12.

Not undertake any work that could disturb asbestos in your home, for example, drilling into an Artex ceiling in case it contains asbestos.

Making sure your electrics are in safe working order


Well will: 13.


Check the electrics in each of our properties every 10 years or at every new letting.

Contact you to try and gain access to your home. If we have not been able to gain access after visiting and leaving two calling cards, we will assume the property has the same standard of circuits as the surrounding properties.

You must: 15.


Report any electrical faults in your home without delay.

Not attempt any electrical work or electrical repairs.

Checking your smoke alarm reguarly


We will: 17.


Provide smoke detectors to all properties and check that they are in full working order once a year.

Work to replace battery operated smoke alarms with mains powered alarms.

You must: 19.


Check that your smoke detector works by testing it weekly.

Devise an ‘escape’ plan with your family to ensure everyone leaves the house safely in the event of a fire.

Approval Stages

Named Departmental Sign off: Val Bagnall 24 th July 2009 Named Director Sign off: Implementation Date: