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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of
Truss-Braced Wing Aircraft
Team Members: Denis Aliaj, John Mark Mines, Justin Price,
Jason Tran, Matthew Wojciechowski
Advisor: Dr. Joseph Schetz and Dr. Rakesh Kapania
The goal of this project is to apply Multidisciplinary Design
Optimization (MDO) techniques on the Antonov An-225
cargo aircraft to minimize the take-off gross weight (TOGW)
of the aircraft through the addition of a truss-braced wing.
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Key Features:
MDO considers the aerodynamic, structural,
propulsive, and performance aspects of the design.
Utilizes either gradient-based optimization or genetic
algorithms to find potential global optimum
Structural analysis of cantilever and truss-braced
wing configurations conducted to gain understanding
of shear and bending behavior of the wings.
Optimized truss-braced wing configurations
Analysis of performance benefits and trends
Graphical 3D model in OpenVSP