Unlocking Oracle University

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Transcript Unlocking Oracle University

Oracle University
What you need to know to get the most out of your training
What You Need to Know
•Your Education Sales Representative
•The Team
•Oracle University Offerings
•What Classes Do You Need?
•How Do You Order Classes?
•Items of Ordering Interest
•Best Practices
Your Education Sales
•Mazie M. Baskin
•Graduate of UMBC
•Has worked in the technology industry for 6 years
•Likes customers to be happy
•[email protected]
The Team
•My Manager- Alfreda McCoy-Gwynn
•Solutions Managers- Grisel Stanzione
•Private Event Project Managers
•Customer Service Representatives
Oracle University Offerings
•Oracle, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards Training
•ILTs Public Classes
•Live Web Classes
•Recorded Web Classes
•Private Events (even through the web)
•Self Study CDs
•Oracle University Knowledge Center
What Classes Do You Need?
•Oracle, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards Training?
•Version of Software
•Implementers, Administrators, End Users
•Upgrade Plans
•Work with Your Representative
•Get Engaged with a Solutions Manager
•Understand How Different People in Your
Organization Learn
How Do You Order Classes?
•Customer Service Line
•Contact Your Representative
–[email protected]
Items of Ordering Interest
•Government Customers Can’t Prepay
•No Current State Contract
•Larger Orders Get Larger Discounts
•Government Purchase Orders (GPOs)
–6 Month Agreement
–Holds Your Bulk Purchase Discount
–Can Be Used For Any OU Product or Service
Best Practices
•If You Have Training Needs:
–Make a Plan
–Have a Meeting with your Representative
–Have Your Rep Get You Resources
–Establish Volume, Type, and Time Frame of Training
–Plan in 6 Month Increments
–Get the Best Discount Based on your Training Needs
Unlocking Oracle University