Constitution Picture Scavenger Hunt

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Transcript Constitution Picture Scavenger Hunt

Constitution Picture
Scavenger Hunt
By: Your Name Here
What month were presidential inaugurations held
before the 20th amendment, Provide a picture of a
calendar from that month.
Place where the highest person(s) in Article I work
Place where the highest person(s) in Article II work
Place where the highest person(s) in Article III work
Article 1 section 3 #6 – Pictures of all Presidents who
have been guilty of this
Picture of the Calendar month presidential
inaugurations are held after the 20th amendment.
A form required because of the 16th amendment.
A picture of the woman who was arrested in November
1872 for voting and associated with the 19th amendment
Cash in a single bill equal to the amount the 7th
Amendment lists as a monetary figure above which the
right to trial by jury shall be preserved.
A photo of a license for something that the 2nd
amendment deals with.
A map of the state where the constitution was signed.
Picture of a vice president who became president
because of the 25th Amendment. (Only President not
to be elected)
A business card or ad for a professional mentioned in
the 6th amendment.
Picture of our (JC) representative (s) who would have
voted for President if there was not a majority.
Picture of our (JC) representative(s) who would have
voted for Vice -President if there was not a majority.
Currency with the face of each of the two US presidents
who signed the constitution on them.
A picture of the building where the original constitution
is now stored.
Any coin dated the same year as the U.S. constitution's
Picture of the current tie breaking voter in the Senate
Picture(s) of signers of the Constitution who later
became Presidents of the US.
5 items, each representing a different one of the 5 freedoms
included in the first amendment. Be creative with your ideas
of items to bring back.