Deepwater Horizon oil spill

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Deepwater Horizon oil spill
The Gulf of Mexico
Deepwater - oil rig belonged to Transocean. Oil
rig was built by the company Honda. Deepwater
sank 22 of April in 2010 in Gulf of Mexico, by
11 workers dead. Expplosion induced huge fire
and oil spill to The Caribbean Sea
In early May, oil spill floating on the
surface waters of the Gulf by Reuters
occupied area of 6500 km ²
Experts say that because of factors such as the toxicity of the
oil spill could seriously harm the environment even if it
does not reach the coast of the Gulf, affecting the fishing
industry and tourism, and destroying the habitat of
hundreds of species of birds
Environmental impact
The greatest impact was on marine species. The spill area
hosted 8,332 species, including more than 1,200 fish,
200 birds, 1,400 mollusks, 1,500 crustaceans, 4 sea turtles
and 29 marine mammals.
Damage to the ocean floor especially endangered
the Louisiana whose range is entirely contained
within the spill-affected area.
Three years after the oil spill, the residual
effects were still apparent, with tar balls still
found on the Mississippi coast, as well as an
oil sheen along a coastal marsh, and erosion
on an island in Barataria Bay sped up by the
death of mangrove trees and marsh grass
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