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Main Job
A secretary’s main duties are to keep
track of all of the service hours performed
by their club, register their club in the
Online Pride Report system, complete
their club’s Officer Information Form and
to complete monthly Pride Report.
You must be able to maintain all records,
files and details that are important for a
smooth operation of the Key Club.
Be prompt, neat, organized, and efficient.
Service Hours
Make sure that there is a sign in sheet at
every service project that has the start
and end time of every member present.
Calculation for Total Service Hours: Add
up the total hours worked on the project
by each paid member. For example, 15
paid members worked 4 hours each while
5 paid members worked 3 hours each.
Multiply 15 members by 4 equals 60 hours;
5 members times 3 equals 15 hours; 60
plus 15 equals 75 hours for the project.
Online Pride Report System
Register for the new year
Must create a new password
each Key Club year
If you don’t register then you
cannot turn in Officer
Information Forms or Pride
Online Pride Report System
Officer Information Form (OIF)
Must fill out before moving on to Pride
It is the only way the District can contact
Fill out once a year (constantly update)
Go to and on the top
left tab named “OPR system.”
Fill it out COMPLETELY with officers and
Advisor’s name, email address, and
preferred phone number.
Officer Information Form (OIF)
Club Meetings
Take minutes at meetings
Minutes are to keep track of decisions
made and topics discussed
They can be in whatever format you
want but need to include:
• Date and time
• People present
• Each topic discussed
• Who spoke and a brief summary of
what they said
Pride Reports
They are due by the 10th of the month for
the previous month (ex. September Pride
Report is due October 10th)
Go to and on the top
left tab named “OPR system.”
Select a month and click start report.
Make sure to save all of your changes.
Fill it out completely, scroll all the way
down, and click on Submit Report.
Online Pride Report System
Pride Reports
Club and Lt. Governor Information Section
Tell us if you meet that week, how many people
are in your club and how many people showed
up at your meeting (take attendance at
Tell us if you have made contact with your Lt.
Governor, if they sent out a newsletter, and if
you attended their DCM
If you have any and don’t want to email your Lt.
Governor, Assistant Administrator or District
Secretary put it here.
Pride Reports
Fill in the information about any service
projects done for the month
How many paid members participated
Total service hours for the project
If a project was for “The Home Project”
then put it in the Governor’s Project box.
If you don’t put a “The Home Project”
related project in the Governor’s Project
box then put GP in the project
End Remarks
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