Chapter 32: Section One A New Beginning

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Transcript Chapter 32: Section One A New Beginning

Successes and Setbacks of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Key Questions • What advances were made in civil rights during the Kennedy Johnson administrations?

• What were the setbacks and difficulties the civil rights activists faced during the 1960’s?

Students Stage Sit-ins

• •

In 1960, Greensboro, NC Four African Americans sit at segregated lunch counter The sit-in becomes a popular way to protest

Woolworth Store in Greensboro

The Freedom Riders

• • •

“Freedom Riders” rode buses into Southern segregated bus terminals Many “Freedom Riders” were met with violence in the South Freedom Rides took place in 1961 and 1963

Violence in Birmingham

• • •

1963 –MLK led a demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama Police Commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor used fire hoses and dogs on demonstrators Kennedy sent in 3,000 troops to keep order and proposed new legislation

Trouble in Southern Universities

• • •

1962 James Meredith tried to enter Southern Mississippi Kennedy sent in fed marshals and Mississippi National Guard for Meredith’s safety Gov. George Wallace stood in front of door at University of Alabama (Forrest Gump)

The March on Washington

1963, 100 th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation

• •

200,00 demonstrators merged at the Lincoln Memorial MLK delivered “I Have a Dream”speech

Civil Rights Act

• •

Only one-half of one percent of African American children in the 11 former Confederate states were attending desegregated schools Kennedy was assassinated and Johnson was able to get Civil Rights Act passed and Voting Rights Act passed