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Mobile Agriculture
Services to the
Promotion Food
and Nutrition
Security in Nigeria
VAS2Nets is an ICT company headquartered in Nigeria with
extensive experience in the development and delivery of
mobile value added services, voice services and broadcast
services. The company is focused on providing total product
and service solutions to our reputable client base of mobile
operators, consumer brands and content providers.
VAS2Nets is connected to MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT and
GLOBACOM in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon,
Uganda and London.
VAS2Nets is a member of GSMA Association Associate and
Entrepreneurs Organisation world wide.
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Agriculture remains a very dynamic sector of the Nigerian economy with its
great potential of providing employment for 70% of the population. The
sector is gradually being transformed with lots of commercial activities at the
small, medium and large-scale enterprise levels.
Government’s efforts to encourage modern methods have had limited
success, since farmers frequently find it difficult to adapt to new
technologies, have poor access to information and technology and have
limited capital for going to scale.
The African union declared 2014 as the year of agriculture and food security
in Africa. This therefore places a burden on Nigeria calling us to take a
leading role and responsibility in transforming Africa’s agriculture and
harnessing opportunities for inclusive growth and sustainable development.
With several millions of Nigerians from both rural and urban locations having
access to mobile phones, it has become imperative to leverage the power of
mobile in disrupting activities in the agricultural sector.
Food & Nutrition Security Situation
Food & Nutrition is the essence of healthy livelihood. FAO (2008) reported that
about 90 per cent of Nigeria’s food is produced by small-scale farmers who
cultivate small plots of land and depend on rainfall rather than irrigation
systems as a result of their low knowledge base, access to facilities and poor
Food Storage or Processing Facilities: The postharvest loss in Nigeria is high.
Organic farm produce often get damaged and, or wasted before they reach
their final consumers.
But in all this, how does mobile technology help?
Mobile + Social
Nigerians are actively
engaged in the digital and
social spaces around this
service, searching, sharing,
engaging, connecting e.t.c.
The entire ecosystem of
farmers companies,
healthcare providers,
researchers and other
stakeholders are engaged,
connected and transforming
information into content and
sharing ideas.
Social is inherently mobile,
thus power of mobile in
healthcare space.
mAgric is about bringing mobile information access to urban, rural communities
and small/large-hold farmers.
This is why VAS2Nets technologies has deem it fit ensure that Nigerian farmers
have a very broad options of increasing their agricultural productivity and help
the nation in building a strong place in the worlds agricultural ranking.
The technology involved in mAgric has been so simplified that any farmer; no
matter their educational background, can make use of it and solve whatever
agricultural challenges they are experiencing.
Most importantly is the voiced content that guides and educates the farmer, the
voice will be in local languages and user friendly
Please check this link for more:
Farmer’s Challenges = mAgri Opportunities
Key Challenges
-Poor knowledge of agri-inputs &
nutrition, new technologies
-Non-availability of disease control
-Lack of accurate weather information
-Gap in supply-demand match
-poor communication between
farmers and government
-Poor logistics – causing waste
-Non availability of loans, payment
facilities, savings
-Non availability of insurance for
protection against
-crop failure
mAgri Applications & services
-Agriculture, livestock &
nutrition services
-Disease control service
-Weather forecast service
-Enlistment of cooperate bodies
that can give adequate infos
-Create link between famers and
-Track & trace facility of products in
supply chain
-Mobile Financial services for farmers
-Payments enabled by m-payment
-Availability of savings, credit
-Micro insurance for crops
 VAS2Nets developed 3 major
products/services that can be accessed via
one shortcode, in partnership with mobile
operators in Nigeria.
 Our aim is to provide simple cutting edge
solutions via mobile technology for the
agricultural sector thus contributing to
sustainable development of the sector.
1. Knowledge Impactation
- Information and
education is critical
to food security
 Tips on planting
techniques, Farm
 - Tips about pests and
2. Helping the unbanked
Farmers across the country can have mobile money
accounts for all their agribusiness financial transactions.
This angle actually makes it possible for farmers to be easily
banked and transact at the comfort and security of their
3. Mobile Market
 A marketplace where buyers within and
outside Nigeria can meet with farmers at all
levels, and transact business on agro-products
and commodities
 We know the solution cannot solve all
our challenges in Food and Nutrition
security but we can ascertain
progress. Since the phone is now
every man’s best friend, it can be
used for every man’s access.