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Gouge – Navy slang for the bare essential knowledge
to get by
 L.F. Richardson, 1922
 Computers – a curiosity looking for a purpose
 Jule Charney – (1917-1981)
 1948, the postdoc to end all postdocs produces Q-G Theory
and filtered, usable equations, provided the newfangled
computer a purpose
 And the race was on…
 Get the fastest computer
 More resolution
 Better Physics (Like Primitive Equations)
 Iterate above
 Global (usually Spectral)
 Resolution represented by T (triangular truncation – basically
the number of terms in the series), and by number of levels.
 T can be roughly compared to a grid point spacing (e.g. T213 ~
80 km)
 Run for the longest time periods, 180+
 Regional (usually Finite Difference)
 Grid point models, forced at boundaries by Global models.
Focused on a region like N. Am. or Europe.
 Sometimes higher resolution, but …
 Becoming non-hydrostatic
 Data Assimilation Schemes Vary (e.g. 3D VAR – variational)
 Particularly for satellite soundings
 Model Physics and Parameterizations Vary
 Big one – how do you get convection in
- Run Frequency also varies (1, 2, 4x a day or more)
NWP Centers
 NCEP (NOAA/NWS) – formerly “NMC”
 Mostly in Maryland, Camp Springs, Silver Springs,
 FNMOC – U.S. Navy, Monterey, CA
 UK Met Office (sometimes referred to as
Bracknell, but they aren’t there anymore)
 ECMWF – The Long Rangers, Huge Budget,
Focused Problem
 CMC (EC) - Canadian Meteorological Centre
NCEP Operational Models
 NAM - North American Meso, formerly the ETA, 12
km, 60 levels, has 4 km nests (Conus, AK, HI)
 Note: This is a now a special version of the WRF, known
also as the NMM-B - Weather Research and Forecasting
(Community Model), Non-Hysdrostatic Mesoscale
Model, recently replaced WRF-NMM
 GFS - Global Forecast System (Global Spectral Model)
- formerly the AVN/MRF, T574 to F192 (~28 km), 64
 RAP (Rapid Refresh), analysis every hour, short range,
aviation support, 13 km, 50 levels
 Replaced RUC – Rapid Update Cycle,
Other Good Models
 NOGAPS – Global Spectral, T319 (~44 km), 42 Levels,
 Soon: NAVGEM – should be state-of-the-science
 COAMPS – High-res nested regional, run everywhere DOD has
high interest at whatever resolution is required, non
 UKMET - “Unified Global”, 40km, 50 levels and
 CMC – Global Environmental Multiscale
 GEM Global, 33km, 58 levels, Grid Point, Tau 144/240 (12Z,
 GEM Regional, 15 km
 MM5 – Common model developed by NCAR
and run by various incl. USAF
An attempt to have up-to-date
info, Comet’s Operational
Models Matrix:
Ensemble Models
 Another Day
Tropical Models
 Another Day