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Logical Access Reader
The Technology
Near-infrared light is transmitted through the finger and partially absorbed by
hemoglobin in the veins, enabling an image of the finger vein pattern to be captured by
the CCD camera.
Finger Vein Biometric Device
Near-Infrared Light (LED)
Stored Template/Data
IC card
PC or Data
Vein pattern
Vein pattern
data file
Light Transmission
Finger Veins
CCD Camera
Captured Vein image
Extraction of FV pattern
Matching of finger vein patterns
Authentication Outcome
The Markets
Our capabilities and strengths enable applications in a variety of areas.
For more information go to:
Hitachi Security Solutions
Lew Iadarola
(202) 285-8034
- Windows Logon
- Time and Attendance
- Membership Verification
- Domain Logon
- Healthcare Identification
- Custom Applications
[email protected]
Logical Access Reader
The Business Case
FV offers a fast, convenient, and non-invasive method of authentication, while
maintaining consumer privacy.
• The veins are inside the body, invisible to the eye, and not accessible. Therefore, it is
extremely difficult to forge and impossible to manipulate.
• The use of light transmission to gather biometric data means that the condition of
the skin surface does not affect accurate processing.
• The use of unique vein patterns plus leading-edge technology means high accuracy
rates (very low FTE, FRR and FAR) as tested during the CBT round 6 conducted by
the International Biometric Group (IBG).
• Only a small amount of data is required, allowing fast authentication (< 1 second)
and increased portability.
The Specifications
High security, private, and excellent accuracy in a small footprint with a
competitive price in the market makes FV the correct choice.
Dimensions (inch) W x D x H
59(W) x 82(D) x 74(H)mm (2.3*3.2*2.9in)
Weight (lbs)
96g (3.4 oz)
Max electric power consumption (mA)
DC 5V <500mA Power from USB
Operating Conditions:
Operating temperature (Fahrenheit)
Humidity (%)
50°to 95°
10 to 80 (Do not allow condensation)
Minimum PC Requirements:
For more information go to:
Pentium III 600MHz
128 Mbytes
50 Mbytes (Capacity changes according
to the number of registered fingers.
Approximately 1 Kbyte per finger.)
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server
Windows Server 2003
Development Toolkit Availability
Yes, SDK with full documentation.
Programmable in C#, C++, or Visual
Hitachi Security Solutions
Lew Iadarola
(202) 285-8034
[email protected]